We are making repairs in the kitchen: the choice of materials

By Admin | Kitchen
19 April 2016

Before every person who decides to make repairs in the kitchen, gets a constant question: what material to choose tops.And each host is addressing the issue in favor of a cover: someone like laminate, and someone loves wood.Of course, for owners of big houses a matter of choosing the kitchen covered with simple compared to the need to purchase specialized equipment, such as a boiler or a differential pressure regulator.However, any person who is engaged in repair, will fall by the way our advice and recommendations.

During repairs in the kitchen to choose a material for countertops including by: natural or artificial.Let's start with the natural.

Natural material - granite

for use in the repair of this beautiful natural stone grind out and polish in a special way.

Why this: First, granite can be found in a very beautiful color forms created by nature itself.Secondly, it is a very resistant material that is often used in the repair.Besides granite resistant to chemicals and bacteria, as it is easy

to keep clean.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of granite as the material for the renovation of the kitchen - its high cost.

Artificial stone

At first glance, this story seems completely indistinguishable from natural stone, but in reality it is plastic.

Why this: Plastic repair in the kitchen, you can choose from a variety of different colors.It also connects almost seamlessly, so the joints look neat.

Disadvantages: the artificial stone is not as heat resistant and not as scratch-resistant as natural.


This material for repairing kitchens combines the quality of both natural and artificial, because it is a mixture of natural quartz and specially manufactured resins.

Why this: This material is - one of the strongest among those used in the renovation of the kitchen for the manufacture of countertops.Furthermore it non-porous, and hence resistant to moisture.In addition, the material withstands heat.

Disadvantages: quartz countertop coating is often used to repair, although it has several disadvantages, among them - the need for nursing care, and the cost is quite high.

are going to make repairs in the kitchen, answer yourself the question: Do you want to save money on materials or choose the best.But do not forget that the more expensive natural materials are not always the most persistent, and as for the renovation of the kitchen is very important choice is resistant to temperature and moisture materials.Company TEPLOS will let you know more about the properties of various objects and equipment for repair of houses and industrial premises.