Choosing the floorboard to the villa gazebo

By Admin | Building Materials
21 May 2016

Garden - a decoration infield and a great place for relaxing and enjoyable get-togethers.It will decorate your garden and bring a lot of fun even in the gloomy days.

Well, once you manage to pick a cozy corner in your courtyard and decide how it will look the whole structure, and most importantly, how it will fit into a stylistic, and a geometric garden environment, it is time to begin to choose appropriate to your material. And in this article we will focus on what is best to lay a plank floor in their gazebo and how to pick it up.


wooden furniture - is the classic version.This gazebo is universal.Her afford to build and luxurious villa, on a modest plot.The main thing - do not try to save absolutely everything - the construction of the arbor made of wood of low quality will play havoc with your time and money during construction.

Before obscure the floor of the gazebo, make sure you have everything prepared - filled foundation, built up a strong frame and fixed piles to install roof gazebo.Only

after you are done with partitions, fences, and roof ladder you can move on to the floor.

Advantages of the wooden floor in the gazebo:

  • Sustainability
  • convenience during construction
  • Durability
  • Cost + good quality
  • aesthetic appearance
  • warmth and comfort even in the open space in the very cloudy day
  • Hygiene


wooden floor - a source of warmth and comfort even in the outdoor gazebo.You can buy wall paneling, decking, Europol, decking, beams imitation, deck board ... Do not forget about the climatic conditions in your region.When high humidity is recommended to purchase wood flooring Larch (more expensive) or coniferous (pine or spruce).

Whatever the floorboard its cost depends on the method, the type of cut, width and length of boards, types of wood, the presence or absence of processing auxiliaries, chemicals, protective materials.

Do not forget also that the further processing of the floorboard will not only make it stronger, but also to achieve the desired shade.So do not go around doing the shelves of stains, varnishes and waxes.The more expensive the floorboard, the better the insulation and thermal conductivity.Decide in what qualities you need, and, on this basis, is determined by how much money you can afford to be.

Remember the fact that the lighter wood gazebo on the floor, the greater the visual space will appear gazebos, darker - the more compact it will seem.


DSP - What is it?

There is a more modern way of installing the floor in the gazebo - cement particle boards.This material, as a sandwich - consists of several layers.It is very light and therefore is simple to install.For ligament elements of the floor to the foundation using cement.