How to choose brick for the construction of a country house

By Admin | Building Materials
20 May 2016

Self-construction of a country house - it is always a time-consuming and troublesome work, but only when you have total control over the whole process, you can be 100% confident in the reliability of construction to the last brick.

selection of materials for the building should be given the lion's share of the preparatory work.Forums on the topic of the selection of the main material for construction of country cottages, namely wood or brick, just overflowing heated discussion on this topic. But in our opinion, this case only the taste, because some owners see their dream house in the style of the wooden huts of the old fairy tales.Others on the contrary - prefer practicality, choosing a brick which has fire resistance properties, it is durable and does not exacting care.It is about choosing the bricks as one of the best choices of building materials for a country house, and will be discussed further.

Firebrick (fireclay - burned refractory clay incorporated in the brick) is a fire-resistant buildin

g material, capable of withstanding temperatures in the range 1100 ° C - 1300 ° C, and more often than not used in everyday life, and in the construction industry for useproduction facilities (metallurgy, glassmaking).But he also found its application in the construction of houses.Due to its resistance to sudden changes of temperature and low thermal conductivity, fireclay bricks used for indoor fireplaces.

To build internal and external walls, because of the optimal balance of price, reliability and environmental friendliness, are most commonly used ceramic bricks , produced by burning up kamnevidnogo state of clay mass.It is characterized by the abolition of heat and sound insulating properties of refractories and hardy.It is also used for the construction of a silicate brick , one of the main advantages of which is the reasonable price that is much lower cost ceramic brick because production costs are much lower.To his obvious shortcomings fair include a large weight and a higher thermal conductivity than clay counterpart.It also can not be used in the construction of foundations, because it is prone to failure under intense moisture.Also, it is strictly not recommended for masonry stoves and fireplaces, due to the low fire resistance.For masonry it is best to use a higher level of the waterproofing layer.


One of the available, but at the same time, very expensive-looking option is facing brick , which has the following characteristics: low levels of water absorption (which is especially important for the construction in our region) and thermal conductivity as well as resistance to frost.For the original façade projects can buy ground brick , which is used for the exterior wall decoration of country houses as a decorative element (registration arches inputs nadokonnyh elements).Using this material, you can create unique beauty architectural projects, because the texture of ground bricks different vividness and bricklaying - originality.

In conclusion, we note that building a house, you need to find the optimum balance of cost and expected quality of construction.That is why it is best to combine the building materials depending on the use.As one of the options for the construction of load-bearing wall of a country house, you can use a ceramic brick, whereas for an extension in the courtyard you can safely buy a silicate brick in Samara.