Technical control of construction

By Admin | Building
18 May 2016

Quality - is the set of properties of the product can satisfy the consumer.Quality construction requires a set (targeting) properties of an object.Quality control in construction just obtained determines how the properties of the construction site meets the specified.

Control determines the quality of construction:

  • materials used;
  • civil and erection works (SMR).

The materials and products must be characteristic to perform the required tasks.Quality is determined by the design and construction activities of various regulatory documents.Quality control in construction there both external and internal.External customer spends, government and departmental authorities.

state authorities will provide all sorts of permits and licenses.For example, fire inspection monitors the implementation of fire safety requirements;sanitary inspection - the rules of sanitation, hygiene;Inspection of Trade Unions - the rules of labor protection, etc.

There is also a financial control exercised by the credit institu

tion.The bank verifies the intended use of loans and provision for various types of construction, the timing works.

Internal Control, as well as control of the customer defines:

  • quality of work;
  • scope of work;
  • turnaround time.

Domestic workers made the most of a construction company.Operations carried designated person constantly.This could be the foreman, master go foreman.Chief engineer conducts random checks and accepts the job before the delivery of the object to the customer.

Quality control of the materials used - the so-called input control, since it is carried out before construction.To him is attributed and quality control of project documentation.There is also a

and operational control - self-control workers and staff.In this case, the lower stage the defects and eliminated their own.

control reception of works (acceptance) made at the end of construction.

On large construction projects are organized the whole building lab (laboratory control).It is determined that the materials different rates.

system to monitor the quality of construction makes it possible to identify defects, poor quality work, and contribute primarily improve the safety and reliability of construction projects.