What material to build a home?

By Admin | Building
17 May 2016

dreamed of owning a house?Watch how to build the future of the home from the ground up according to your tastes and preferences.Already have bought land and house project?Then it is necessary to solve the main issue associated with this.

What material to build a home?

construction market is filled with new materials of different type and quality.For example, now in the Moscow region the practice of building houses of foam blocks.Somewhat earlier, to build houses using only wood and bricks.Fortunately, the choice is much more.There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the material sitting in his chair through the Internet.To ask questions. Get online - advice that simplifies much of our lives.

If you are interested in building their own home or garden, this information will be helpful.Many believe that the most important thing in the construction - a wall.However, any team would say for the construction of the walls - only 30 per cent of total costs, which are enclosed in a building.


This side of buildings.Bearing walls - is a load of slabs and structures that lie above.Do not load-bearing walls are based on the internal structure or frame overlap.Also, there are boundary walls.They are made of materials not heavy, that protect against rain.


Construction of houses of foam blocks is not uncommon in today's world in the construction.It is necessary to be knowledgeable in the theory of the material, and only then begin to work with it.Foam blocks are most commonly used for external walls of the building structure Usually they are built from white or red brick.Because these walls will be in the warm season pleasantly cool and in winter time- keep warm.

If we go and look at the houses and cottages in the suburbs, it can be concluded that they are built according to different technologies.You'll notice a lot of brick houses, construction of warm material, or a house with walls vnutriizolirovannymi

Insulation Thermal performance is an important point, and is used to delay the cold or warm air.This technology is applicable to thermal insulation of floors, the exterior of the house, and so on. ยง. For insulation will help you and your team will prompt for the construction.Due to the thermal insulation reduces many of the costs of air conditioning, drowning, and more associated with maintaining the temperature in the house.