Stages of construction of wooden houses

By Admin | Building
17 May 2016

tree - it is the best material for the construction of residential houses and baths.Wooden house construction involves two stages.And this is connected with some of the properties of wood, namely its ability to shrink or wither.Shrinkage due to the evaporation of excess moisture from the wood, whereby the tree volume is significantly reduced.Thus, the construction process should be divided into the following stages:

first stage:

involves the construction of the wooden frame.It can be built of timber, or from round wood, in any case, it will take time to shrink.Framework should be established on the foundation, which is a columnar or tape.It must be prepared in advance, even before the construction of the framework.After the frame is installed, you need to wait for some time, so he sat down, and time is the envy of the time of year when being installed.

If frame is placed in the summer, it is best to let it stand for at least 12 months.And if the construction takes place in winter, the waiting time

should not be less than 6 months.These terms are minimal, if you suddenly have an opportunity to leave the framework for the shrinkage for a longer period - it will only benefit the future of the house.

For example, we can say that if you build a house in the summer of timber, the height of the wall which will be equal to the standard 2.5 meters, then one year he will sit about 40 millimeters.And if you build a log house from round wood wall with a height of just 2.5 meters, then he will sit for the year by approximately 80 millimeters.After shrinking frame should be put under the roof and covered with roofing material.In this first phase of construction is completed.

second stage:

This phase of construction involves the installation of windows and doors, and can be placed as the plastic window and wood.The following should occur Flooring.After - mounted panel board partitions and performs all finishing work.The finishing touch is becoming exterior finish home, usually sheathe wall paneling, siding or trapezoidal sheet.

If we neglect the rules and build a house in a single step, it is possible in the future to face serious problems, namely, the house begins to shrink and can just "hang" on the windows and doors.From the walls of large cracks appear.

Nevertheless, many prefer to build houses in a single step.It is very convenient as it can enter immediately after construction, and also costs such construction by 15-20% cheaper than the construction of a 2-step process.

order for the construction of the house at one stage did not face serious problems, experienced builders are some tricks, for example, make propyl size 30-40 mm above the windows and doors.Due to this, after shrinkage remains house without gaps.To give a more aesthetic appearance, cuts can be cashed, and 6 months to remove the trim.The resulting cracks and holes filled with foam.It is very important not to engage in the construction stage as soon as the outer skin of the house.This should be done not earlier than six months after completion of construction, and it is better in a year.