Metalware - manufacture and installation

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16 May 2016

of "Spetsstalkonstruktsiya-26" more than 70 years engaged in the production and erection of metal and alloys.Our factory is equipped with the most modern equipment for welding and assembly of products.The monthly production average of 600 tons of metal and the quality of products is confirmed by the guests and SNIP.

Metall manufactured by us, have a number of advantages that set them against other materials.In contrast to the brick or concrete, they are lightweight, durable, allow for a quick and inexpensive installation.

The production process includes the following steps:

  • design;
  • acceptance of the necessary materials;
  • preparation of blanks for processing;
  • markings;
  • finish;
  • assembly.

Each product is treated with a rust inhibitor.All work takes place under the strict supervision of specialists.

steel buildings are in great demand, but also because of the material we produce:

  • high-rise structures (power lines, the TV tower, the tower);
  • building frames (this can be columns, beams, sta
    ined glass windows, gates, walls);
  • overlap span structures, tanks, ducts;
  • stairs;
  • hangars, warehouses, markets, shops, garages;
  • attic;
  • pools, pavilions.

metal constructions vary depending upon the method of manufacture.The basic types are:

  • welded;
  • cast;
  • stamped;
  • riveted.

Choice metal is also important.The most common structures of aluminum and steel.

  • steel used to design could withstand vibration, as well as mobile and dynamic loads.
  • Aluminum is much lighter, it is not magnetized in the process of polishing and other metal less susceptible to corrosion.When exposed to water, he covered a solid oxide that prevents further damage.Construction of this metal are durable and reliable, why are built even in areas of seismic activity.

of "CCK-26" - the company of a full cycle of works, which specialization - metal (production, assembly, delivery and a partition).The work of the oldest organizations of St. Petersburg always gets ready building or construction "turnkey".Delivery is carried out in St. Petersburg, as well as in the regions.

Become our client and you - appreciate the benefits of the construction of the future!