How to build a frame house?

By Admin | Building
15 May 2016

you decide to build a brick house.What are the pros and cons of what this type of home.Let's take first things first.

Firstly, a house much cheaper construction costs.Another important detail that skeleton frame house team of experts and does not need.It can be all to erect their own efforts at low skills in the construction of the cottage.

Prefab houses are of two types: frame-frame and frame-panel.

What is a brick house, what are its characteristics?This lightweight design that can be built in a short time.Its base - frame, hence the name of this type of houses.The body is made of metal or wood or.

frame house It includes upper and lower rail, rack, wall, paneling inside and outside, between her put insulation, vapor barrier and waterproofing (special materials).Inside and outside the house is finished with decorative.

How do you choose a house or a shield frame?In principle they are similar devices.The basis here and there - frame.But there are differences in their construction.

Finished frame-panel hous

es are assembled from panels that were made at the factory, on the prepared base-foundation.Such homes can be built only by applying the technique.Plus shipping boards to the construction site.You need and tap to install walls and roof.Do not do without the team of builders that scrapie and set all panels.

But everything is done on the foundation.The main foundation - wooden truss with top and bottom strapping.They are both for the future of the floor joists.When all the walls are installed and secured, you need to install a roof.It is usually here from the rafters, which are attached to the house or on the farm.In modern country cottages frame can be made of prefabricated panels.

Advantages of frame-panel house - that boards prepared in advance.This saves time.This home durable as tying creates stability and reliability.

This house can be built in any time, and in the winter and autumn, when your heart's content.

Once built the roof, you can immediately do the installation of windows and doors and make the finish indoors because of shrinkage of the structure will be.

But there is a panel house and disadvantages.

you will have to find and pay for special construction machinery.When buying a ready-Frame-panel houses are not always right on the eye to determine whether the well is done with steam and heat insulation of the outer and inner walls.

also sometimes have difficulty in repairing the floor at this cottage.