What should be the roof pitch

By Admin | Building
14 May 2016

quality and reliability of any building depends on the correct device roof.What should be the design of what material, what should be the slope of the roof - it's all very important questions, you will find detailed information on the site http://1metallocherepica.ru/raschet/uklon-krovli.html.

In modern construction uses large amounts of a variety of materials for the roof - from traditional to high-tech roofing panels made of polymers.Simple slate gradually replacing its new "follower" - ondulin and smooth galvanized sheet steel modern builders increasingly prefer the profiled sheet.

A variety of forms of construction affects the abundance of interesting ideas, but modern technology allows to conduct building as soon as possible.But the breadth of opportunities can not fail to adhere to the standards and regulations adopted in the construction, it concerns such an important part of the construction as a roof.

Which is better - high roof or a flat roof?

The roof itself is an important architectural

element.Undoubtedly, the high roof looks nice, but it is more material consumption than sloping or flat, and, in addition, has a large sail.Therefore, in areas with prevailing strong winds from this architectural form we have to give, or to make the rafters reinforced structure, which causes additional costs.

flat roof - the most favorable option in terms of construction costs.But the slope should still be at least 2˚ to drain rainwater and melt water.Gentle and flat cover usually gets very hot in hot weather from the sun, and in the winter they have to clean up with snow.Calculation on the snow load required in the construction of buildings, while at the angle of the roof slope 45˚ and more snow load not taken into account, as the snow is easily rolled from the roof.

roof pitch made from 9 to 60 degrees, the optimal values ​​- from 20˚ to 45˚.

The angle is often calculated as a percentage, because it is convenient and understandable.For example, a 10% slope means that for each meter (100 cm) length represents 10 cm in height.The slope of 100% is equal to the angle of the roof to 45˚, is 100 cm long, there are 100 cm in height.

What determines the choice of the slope of the roof

To answer the question, what should be the slope of the roof, you need to consider several factors:

  • climatic conditions in the area of ​​construction;
  • material from which the coating is made;
  • Features and purpose of the building;
  • material costs provided for the building.

roof must be strong and tight, with her must quickly drain rainwater and melt water, it should not be destroyed by wind or snow loads. Based on this, you need to choose the best option for each geographical area.

Roofing materials chosen depending on the slope angle:

  • Roll materials used in small corners to 15˚;
  • Slate can be used on slopes up to 28˚;
  • Tile is designed for fairly high roof - the angle of 33˚;
  • steel sheets are placed at angles less stingrays 29˚.

to determine the design of the roof, you need to consider how you will use the attic space.If it's just a "loft-room," that do not necessarily high roof.Another thing, if you have to build a house with an attic.In this case, the height of the roof must be sufficient to accommodate a premises.