Secure the door in the house

By Admin | Doors
17 May 2016

When it comes to choosing the entrance door, you should not buy the first available due to the fact that she just liked or arranges its cost.The main task of a steel door - protecting the premises from unauthorized persons, who are trying to get into it with the help of the selection keys or burglary, as well as other kinds of protection.Most manufacturers offer a metal entrance door, which belong to different classes of resistance and strength of their unauthorized opening - a wide range of doors you can find on this site.

There are four main classes of resistance:

  • First class means that hacking can be done most primitive and simple tools that are at your fingertips.For example, a claw hammer, montazhki or form.At showdown will take approximately 10-15 minutes, even a novice.
  • second class - even a professional thief, a burglar will not be able to open the door without the aid of power tools (grinders and drills).This kind of hacking will create a lot of noise, which may attract the attention of b
  • third class - can not break down the door, even power tools power up to 500 watts.It is known that small, portable "hand" of electric power does not exceed this, and use the more powerful burglar is unlikely.
  • Fourth grade - resistance to cracking complemented bulletproof that only adds to the reliability of the door.

recognized as the most popular second and third classes of resistance.Buyer should pay attention to the design of the door locks and the quality that also affects the resistance of the class. Entrance metal doors should not be less than 2 mm thick, and the lock should be chosen from the third or fourth grade resistance to cracking.The most preferred option is considered to be a choice of two types of locks - cylinder and lever type.It is also better to install and remove the protection from the door off its hinges, for example, hidden hinges, or the anti-pin, or extra bars for locking the three directions.

Before choosing a door and pay attention to the description and reviews about the company where you are going to make a purchase - reviews on the Internet, the information in the print media.Do not immediately apply to the first company, but rather learn a few sentences, compare prices, materials, build quality, value added services.For example, some companies offer to their customers as an additional service opening professionals and a complete replacement of locks, keys if you suddenly will be lost or stolen.

quality steel door should be performed as follows: - frame made of steel pipe with a rectangular profile and further ribs.When the casing are two holodokatanyh steel sheet 2.5 mm thick.Locks are selected in an amount of two or three pieces of different types of opening.And it should be remembered that the entire structure should hamper access to the locks to the general public.