Construction and Technical Expertise

By Admin | Building
12 May 2016

main purpose of construction and technical expertise - is the establishment of the actual situation of technical structure of the building, or any facilities of: determining the level of physical deterioration, defect detection, identification of performance, analysis of the behavior in the future.

main objective of the preliminary study is to ascertain the condition of structures in general construction and manufacturing.To carry out a more detailed instrumental examination, drawn up the terms of reference, it is necessary to establish a list of planned activities and the initial data for the calculation of the cost of the planned activities and the signing of the contract with the customer.

Technical inspection of buildings can be carried out in the following cases:

  • if needed overhaul of the building;
  • with physical deterioration of engineering systems and structures, for example, when
  • planned to resume construction in progress;
  • condition determination in the case of constructions because fir
    e bay and so on;
  • at planned redevelopment of the building (floors or superstructure deepen basements);
  • in the reconstruction and modernization of the building;
  • in the case of disclosure of the causes of deformations of walls, columns, slabs;
  • in determining the causes of the walls damp and freezing.

Operational safety of existing buildings (including foundations and bases of buildings) have to settle for reconstruction.For this is a technical conclusion after a survey of these structures, which establish the possibility of renovation, assess the carrying capacity of the data structures of the building and recommendations on how to use them in the future.Engineering survey certainly made organization with a tolerance of CPO for engineering surveys for this type of work.

Survey of buildings and structures located in regions of seismic hazard assessment of the technical state of the structures is carried out, taking into account factors seismic effects:

  • as repeated seismic effects,
  • estimated seismic area (on the cards OCP-97) for the construction,
  • spectralpart of the seismic action categorical composition of the soil on the seismic properties.

important document in the survey of buildings and structures is the passport BTI, without it is not allowed to carry out inspection under the heading "Engineering surveys".