Summer kitchen in the country with their own hands , the design of a barbecue summer kitchen , veranda or gazebo as build a summer kitchen

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11 May 2016

Summer kitchen - is almost always an essential attribute of a garden plot, especially in the country.Indeed, is it possible to resist the cozy gatherings in front of barbecue, long teas outdoors and long philosophical conversations under the crackling embers?No, this is not about our people.Embody all suburban dreams and helps the summer kitchen with barbecue, gazebo or terrace.

Arrangement own corner for outdoor meals and teas - is a complex and truly creative activity, but do not rush to call for help brigade masters.The design of the kitchens for the garden, there is nothing, what did not manage to novice builder.

Summer kitchen with his hands, project selection and design, photo

The choice of design and materials

Despite the relative simplicity of design, the project for a summer kitchen garden can have its own flavor, and even considered distinctive that it is very fashionable.Judge for yourself: instead of the classical economic unit trimmed by type apartment dining room can be made light

weight construction, only symbolically separated from the street and his whole appearance resembles an Italian patio.

It is not necessary to make a closed room, not the rare examples summer kitchen with veranda or gazebo with a barbecue grill and an ordinary, even with a swimming pool and sauna, if you want.Inside you can arrange something like a Russian stove, but you can build a high-tech kitchen complex with a gas hob and a folding grill.In general, anything, it would wish.

Raznoobrazitdizayn summer kitchen, a photo which you can see in our galleryhelp materials.It can be constructed of brick, wood, stone or metal.If you wish, you can even build a kind of adobe house, which will retain a pleasant coolness in the heat.Especially look beautiful structure of composite materials.The only thing we do not advise you to do is braid kitchen plants, especially near the hearth.The rest of you are free to do what the soul desires.

Site selection and location

Location plot suburban summer kitchen determined based on the configuration of the selected sample.So, if the economic unit to be equipped with a modern suite with a gas or electric stove, it is reasonable to combine this room with an adjacent apartment building wall, having through it all the necessary communications.From an ordinary kitchen summer room will be different a separate entrance to the house and open design.

To build a summer kitchen with barbecue will have to choose a more open place to the heat of the open fire accidentally spread to the house and nearby trees.The ideal distance from the house is 3 meters.Above the kitchen there should be trees, but before it should open a good view of the courtyard.

How to build a summer kitchen in the country, construction stages summer kitchen

Consider an inexpensive and quick option of building a summer kitchen with his hands on the open type.Build will be of brick or foam blocks.

The first stage is counting on a future structure.Normally area kitchens for summer is not more than 6-8 square meters, and it is 2 or 3 * 4 * 2 meters.With these parameters, a summer kitchen with gazebo fits well into the landscape, it does not occupy a lot of space and just being built.

The second step - the creation of a base for a summer kitchen in the country with their own hands.Given the fact that we decided to do a block of brick, it is desirable to perform a solid foundation and strong lay piles.Only three options.In the first case is a classic strip foundation, which subsequently superposed beams and logs stacked floor.

second - is a solid concrete slab.We believe this method is the most convenient becausethen it will not have to wonder about the design of the floor.Finally, the third method involves forming the pillars of their recessed in the ground.What to choose for your summer kitchen, a photo which you can contemplate in our gallery, you decide.

third stage - construction of brick towers with the roof slope.If you plan to install the stove barbecue, be sure to hide one side of the kitchen a solid wall to close the center of the wind.Additionally, the installation site or a barbecue brazier on the floor and the wall mounted metal plates that protect the materials from bulbs.

next point instructions on how to build an outdoor kitchen, a roof construction.Flooring can be done easily from metal or polycarbonate.The latter is good at working with arches and roofs of irregular shape.

When summer kitchen built with your own hands, you can switch to the internal equipment, namely installation of furnaces and furnishings.Inside the dining area is very well looked wicker and wooden furniture.Above the large table is conveniently located lampshade.The space between the brick pillars will not be superfluous to close the curtains, they will protect against mosquitoes and create comfort inside the building.

Read also on the topic: how to choose a water-resistant laminate for a summer kitchen, and make beautiful glass apron for a summer kitchen.

Summer kitchen in questions and answers

How to build an outdoor kitchen?

Construction of a summer kitchen with his hands, in principle, a simple thing, the only thing for it to be comfortable and convenient, you should consider settlement of various engineering systems, such as running water or sewage, which, in general, can also be donehimself.If you can not do it, build the foundation of the building itself, but for the individual, the most complex areas, invite a specialist.Get specific advice on how to build an outdoor kitchen with their own hands, you have neighbors that have the same design, or on our website (see. Article above) where the subject a lot of information.
The construction of a summer kitchen with his hands - it

Building a summer kitchen of foam blocks

Foam concrete or aerated concrete - universal enough material to build from it and any extension.Foam is not very sensitive to changes in temperature, it does not absorb moisture and odors, does not shrink and has an affordable price.This combination of properties makes concrete blocks simply an ideal material for the construction of the villa a summer kitchen.Another advantage that provides a summer kitchen of foam blocks - a fire safety, since this material does not support combustion.Summer kitchen of the units also have a relatively light weight and do not require the construction of a massive foundation.
Kitchen of the foam blocks can be built very quickly.

summer kitchen brick

Summer Kitchen is good because it can be built from almost any material, especially useful if he stayed on the main building or repair.This way you will kill several birds with one stone: save on the purchase of building materials, get practical and convenient construction, and will be able to withstand the extension and a country house in the same style, due to the general material.The summer kitchen of the brick can also be successfully used in the winter as well as masonry provides good insulation and has a high degree of resistance to aggressive environmental factors.
The summer kitchen of the brick - it

there ready projects summer kitchen?

There are various options for the summer kitchen is constructed independently, and built on the finished project.In various construction firms there are various projects, summer kitchen which can be constructed as himself, and with the involvement of mercenary forces, and you can select a closed summer kitchen and a comfortable extension with hozblok, options abound.Choose what type of better - right owner, and if you intend to use a ready-made projects, summer kitchen on them obtained very beautiful and modern, as can be seen by looking at the photo.

One version of the project year kuhni.410

whether it is convenient summer kitchen with terrace?

There are many options for how to do a summer kitchen, among them the common summer kitchen with a terrace.The owners of such facilities are them very suitable for use in summer, as in this case, a convenient division of functions: cooking of food takes place outside the home, and its reception - on the terrace.In this embodiment, a summer kitchen with a terrace is a full kitchen and dining room in the same building.Especially nice if the terrace overlooking the garden or the river: family lunches and dinners are in this case, romantic and memorable.
The original summer kitchen with a terrace

features a summer kitchen at the cottage with gazebo

In general, nothing special in building a summer kitchen with a gazebo there should only take into account that unlike the usual, the summer kitchen with a gazebo in the country is more active elements of landscape designand make it look better, you should carefully consider its position on the dacha.Very popular and enjoys a summer kitchen with veranda, where the latter can serve as a dining room if it furnish appropriate furniture.When laying the foundation should be noted that elevated above the surface of the soil base, more preferably it does not fill with meltwater and rain.
Kitchen with gazebo allows pleasant to spend summer evenings.

How to build an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue?

summer kitchen with barbecue is very popular in recent years.Despite the fact that the structure itself has come to us from America, in Russia it is stuck and want to build an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue or oven, it becomes more and more.The main difficulty in the construction lies in the fact that sometimes must separately build the foundation for the stove, consider the design of the roof and the other arrangement of the summer kitchen.Also, considerable attention is paid to fire safety measures, as the presence of an open flame is always a risk factor.This is especially true if the building was built of wood, the stove for the kitchen it should be based strictly on technology.