House for the well with their hands

By Admin | Building
11 May 2016

ready-conventional well from which it is already possible to draw water, a head with a lift and the shaft.However, this design is completely protected from getting into the dirt, dust, fallen leaves, animal, acid rain and other pollutants, and foreign objects that affect the natural purity and taste of well water.To prevent the occurrence of similar problems can use several options, such as installing a simple cover that only seals the top of the well head or the so-called build a house for the well .The second way is certainly preferable, since nadkolodeznye facilities in the form of a house are not only functional and practical, but also decorative load.

Today the market offers a variety of options ready designs that will protect the well at the site.However, the cost of most of them can not be called the budget, and those that are low cost, unfortunately, is very flimsy and unreliable.Therefore, in most cases, built a house for well with their hands .This process is not so complicated as it may s

eem initially, and consists of several stages: selection of the construction and design, preparation of materials and tools, the device frame and roof cladding frame, installation of doors and handling on all surfaces antiseptics.

Making the well can be done in several ways.The easiest option in the performance - the device "tent."For the construction of such facilities will require a minimum of materials and time.Most often, this is done using conventional wood (and other possible) bars, which are fastened around the perimeter of the well.Further, on the basis of the shed on them stretched a special material.However, given that such houses can not defend well from freezing in the winter, it is advisable to install the tents only when it is operated only in the warm season.

In the case where the intake structures used throughout the year, more suitable home for the well, in the form of a gazebo.The roof of such structures can be almost anyone - peaked or flat, two- or hipped.As the coating is allowed to use tar paper, metal, tiles, planks and other materials.The frame is usually made of natural wood (preferably alder, oak, pine, larch and elm).In its simplest form the frame is assembled from planks and beams, which are then trimmed with slate.With the construction of the roof is mostly used truss system.To produce needed for convenient operation of the door as well use sticks and boards.Its linkage performed by piano hinges.