How to build a toilet in the street with their hands, how to make old rural toilet, build a wooden toilet on the site

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10 May 2016

Summer toilet needed not only when the house is no central sewerage.He's good in case when the guests come friends and acquaintances, while working in the garden.But in order to house dressing was nice to go, it should look nice and tidy, as well as being odorless.Build outside toilet with his hands in general is not so difficult, the main thing to find a good drawing, do the calculations correctly befits building materials.Proven technology is the construction hozbloka the open space available even novice builders.

How to build outside toilet with his hands, build a wooden rural toilet

How to build a toilet on the street in the yard?In general, it is simple enough.Traditionally, toilet cabin constructed from edging boards, but may be constructed from plywood sheets.In turn, sanitary convenience of a brick building on the site does not make sense.As a framework for the structure and binding useful timber, and suitable for the foundation concrete blocks.However, the foundation may also be made of a

timber by taking a material of greater length than the scheduled cabin altitude.

Getting to the creation of drawings toilet own hands, decide its size.Standard parameters house are as follows: height - 2100-2300 mm, length - 1000-1500 mm, width - 1000-1200 mm.Seat height normally varies between 450 and 500 mm and its width is not more than 450 mm.Length improvised toilet, usually equal to the width booth.If you wish, you can set the floor classic toilet, make a small hole in the floor, but in this case to drain the sump need to do additional output.Planning parameters summer toilet with their hands, do not forget to lay in its construction door, the height of which is usually 1800-1900 mm, and a small window.It can be written in the door leaf or in one of the walls of the booth.Its shape and size can be very different, depending on your wishes.As for the material, in this case, we recommend using frosted glass.Before you build a toilet with his hands in the area, decide its location.According to the sanitary standards, cabinet should be located at a distance of 30 meters from the nearest well and 15 meters from the house.The depth of the cesspool must not be laid more than 1.5 meters, otherwise it is likely that harmful discharges fall into a number of routes running through groundwater.Toilet also should not be placed in the shade of the trees, asthis will prevent its ventilation.

Building a rustic toilet in the yard, doing the foundation for a toilet on a plot

The first thing you need to think before you make a rural toilet - is its foundation.House can be placed on blocks or a homemade pile grow into a support for the wooden walls.Here's how to do it.To set the units, first perform the layout area and then dig holes in the corners.They pour the sand and pour concrete solution.On top of the more liquid mixture put reinforcing mesh and concrete blocks.After that, you can start digging and raking formation sill village toilet at their summer cottage.

The second option includes the base foundation for the toilet, combined with the frame.To create such a structure is necessary to take the four beam length of about 3000-3300 mm to dig them into the ground to a depth of 1000 mm.For the strength they can pour concrete solution.And to them during the drying of cement stood exactly on the setting of a mixture need to prop up the rack from both sides.Once the cement will be taken, the foundation can be completed the top and bottom rail, and then sheathing boards or plywood.As you can see, the theory of how to build a toilet, quite simple.Stuff, and you will succeed.

build yourself: Tips

for street WC toilet

If you decide to build a dacha outside toilet with his hands, but want to get closer to urban standards of comfort, you better buy a "cottage" down the toilet.It differs from the usual tank and the absence of the inner cup, i.e., conventional flushing occurs.Install the product is simple enough.It is necessary to make a hole in the floor corresponding to the diameter of the outlet of the toilet bowl.Next obscure silicone mounting place special anchoring bolts (with caps) are sealed with silicone toilet and inner walls, where it comes into contact with the floor.After solidification of the silicone, you can use the established design.Special toilet for outdoor toilets

How to make a cesspool?

Before you build a toilet in the street, you need to dig a cesspool, a depth of 2 m. The shape of the pit should be square, the side of each side is 1 m. Be sure to reinforce the walls of the cesspool.For this purpose: concrete ring beams and planks, masonry brick or rubble.The bottom of the pit should be covered with a layer of gravel and well compacted, it is also possible to lay out the bottom of the masonry, or pour concrete screed.The inner walls of the pit should plaster or caulk to make them waterproof and sewage did not get into the ground water.In the video below you can see how to build a toilet at the cottage with his own hands made of wooden planks.Sump brick cottage for toilet

How to ventilation in suburban toilet?

Often, after a wooden toilet is installed, there is a problem with odor.To eliminate this effect, summer toilets equipped with seats (podiums) with a tight lid and ventilation system.To install such systems use plastic pipes is 10 cm diameter, fastened to its rear wall construction.One end of the tube is passed through the hole in the catwalk, and lowered to 10 cm into the cesspool.The other end of the tube is discharged outside, about 20 cm, having done beforehand the hole in the roof.You should carefully seal the points of entry and exit pipe.To gain traction on the well head pipe must be installed nozzle deflector.

What are the different types of rural toilets?

Before building the toilet at their summer cottage, should determine the type of structure.The following types of rural toilets:

  • a cesspool;
  • -powders closet;
  • backlash-closets.

These types of designs are different in size and design, the use of decoration and building materials, according to the method of ventilation devices and so on.The choice of a suitable option affects the level of the location of groundwater.If they are close to the surface (3.5 m), it is possible to install only Calvin closet.If the waters are deep enough, you can choose a rustic toilet of any kind in its sole discretion.In addition, any garden community or village you can "peek" interesting design made of wood, stone or brick.The most common option - a house of boards, and durable, of course, rock.And for a comfortable stay in the house all year round to be interested in everything variants bathrooms in a cottage.With high-quality ventilation and the use of modern technology it is possible even where there is no general sanitation.Powder-closet - the perfect toilet to give

What are the advantages of brick cesspool?

If you decide to build a toilet made of bricks, you need to make from the same material cesspool.The brick pit latrines have the following advantages:

  • ecology.From the brick pits all waste easily transported special machine sanitation or easily cleaned on the spot;
  • to such a pit is not influenced by fluctuations in the groundwater;
  • absence of contamination of soil and groundwater.Cesspools brick securely guarded on all sides by land;
  • simplicity of construction of such facilities.Brick pit can build even unskilled bricklayer, as special skills are not required.

Pit can be any shape - round, square or rectangular.Creating a brick sump round shape

What are the rules for the construction of an improvised toilet in the garden?

If you have decided to start the construction of toilets in the country, you need to consider the following rules:

  • level set daylight saving toilets should be above ground level at 10-20 cm;
  • door should open outwards in order to save the size of the toilet and, as a consequence, lower the cost of building materials;
  • in the building must be provided a light window;
  • stipulate the reliable device-fixing base of the structure to the ground;
  • house dressing necessarily set on a stone foundation and waterproofing between the stone and the structure itself (stekloizol, roofing material, rubemast, etc.);
  • wall paint is necessary, close the vinyl siding or clapboard.

Rustic suite with his hands

Choosing a design for a toilet on a plot

most common toilets for cottages are built like "birdhouse" and "hut".They have some differences.WC garden type "birdhouse" is a more spacious option, but it is more watered by rain.Construction of "hut" - a smaller, but equipped with a gable roof, so the walls are less prone to precipitation.Under the seat for outdoor toilet without sump should be positioned sliding or remove container (plastic bucket or metal tank).For such toilets is also necessary filler (peat, sawdust, sand, etc.).Varieties of wooden rural toilets