Building a pier foundation with his own hands: the forms of the columnar foundation for frame house

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09 May 2016

Foundation - one of the most important and critical structures home.It takes care of all the loads and transmit them to the ground.On how to correctly calculate the foundation of the house, and how well all the work carried out is dependent reliability and durability of the entire structure.

There are monolithic slab assembly, belt and pier foundation for the house. Each type has its own specific foundation works for the transfer of loads and is used for certain types of soils.One of the most common types is the reason pier foundation.It is able to withstand heavy loads, it can be used in flooded and heaving soils and thus is quite economical.

pier foundation tape, a raft of blocks and Sleeve - which is better?

This type of base used, provided that the upper level of groundwater is above the freezing depth.In cold weather, it causes uneven progress soils that lead to deformations of monolithic foundations.In the event that progress is too large, it is advisable to apply melkozaglublenny pier founda


Usually pier foundation depth selected below the freezing depth.This reduces the current strain.A feature of this foundation is to transfer part of the load due to lateral friction forces on the ground, and therefore it is necessary to accurately calculate its depth.

By type of materials used distinguish wood, brick, stone, concrete monolithic and precast pier foundation. especially popular following construction . as the outer shell using metal or asbestos-cement pipes, which are installed inside the reinforcement cage, filled with concrete.

features of the scheme pier foundation is the location of the pillars at the nodal points where there are the main load: the corners of buildings, places crossing the external and internal walls.Poles have for unloading long sections of the walls.Step is calculated based on the current load, the type of soil, the size of the column section and the depth of the foundation.

Around the same principle calculated and pier foundation under column.The difference is the presence or absence of raft foundations, as well as the type of foundation pillars.It is best if you apply foundation Sleeve.Works well with the pier foundation grillage.It should be remembered that the use of glasses, and the device grillages leads to higher prices, so they should be used only when ordinary pier foundation is unable to fulfill its function.

construction pier foundation under the house with his hands

for individual building often choose monolithic pier foundation. His device does not require much effort and serious construction mechanization.All this will require: a shovel, foundation drill, cement mixer.However, given the small volumes of poured concrete, kneading can be carried out manually.

Before you start work, you should perform for pier foundation drawing or sketch.It is necessary to reflect the location of the poles, features of their design, cross-section, the depth, and specify the necessary parameters of materials: the diameter of reinforcement and concrete brand.At the stage of drafting the need to calculate, how much it costs to fill the foundation. This will help in organizing and planning the flow of funds for construction.

works on the foundation starts with planning and stakeout.In order to properly stand at pier foundation sizes, first point poles, which will be located at the corners of the building.The resulting basis to mark the places of the remaining pillars base.

After moving to marking of excavation device wells.First, using a dredging shovel produce a future column dimensions as possible.After this is inserted into the recess building ground and drilled to a depth below the base cut 20 cm.

poured into the well layer is 20 cm thick crushed stone and possibly tamped.Next, insert the stop of asbestos or metal pipe and pour concrete to a certain amount.Thereafter, the tube slightly pulled, 10-15 cm, and allowed to spread on the concrete bottom of the well.Finally, the pipe utaplivajut rasteksheysya in concrete, placed in her cage of rebar and produce a final fill.If you want to make the releases of devices grillage fittings for connection with the overall framework.