The foundation for home: construction and renovation of the basement of a wooden house with their hands, how to make a strong foundation for the house

By Admin | Building
08 May 2016

One of the most important stages of the construction of any building, including a wooden house is device foundation. In ancient times, the basis for the log cabins were a few stones, fitted to the same level.Modern wooden houses have a reliable support for the construction of which use more sophisticated materials.

The wooden construction are used most used types of foundations.Exceptions are complex structures such as bored piles, floating bases, etc.Given the relatively small weight, as grounds for challenging the system of wooden buildings are not required.

How to pour the foundation for a wooden house from a bar or frame

device foundation for a wooden house largely depends on the design features of the building.Log-frame house, built of timber or prefabricated panels, each type of structure requires its own approach to its base.For example, foundation for the two-storey house will differ from that of the single-storey cottage not only the load-bearing capacity and dimensions.With the incre

ase in the height of the building increases the impact of wind currents that create the vertical component of stress, and this must be taken into account during construction.

construction of the foundation under the framework must be carried out taking into account the peculiarities of its construction.Connection logs is due to their installation in the carved grooves.These seats are adjusted individually with the future of wood shrinkage.In this case, the base should provide a uniform draft along the entire perimeter, which will not cause additional strain.These conditions are best met by a monolithic tape or pier foundation with the raft.Solid floor can also go for this, but it is advisable to use the device at a basement or a basement room.

In recent years become popular house of laminated veneer lumber and logs.Features reason for logs in many ways similar to the foundation under the frame.Timber houses are often built in two floors, and generally have a cellar.This requires the use of the foundation under the house from a bar the light of this planning characteristics.

construction foundation house with a basement begins with the breakdown of excavation and earthworks.In making the final pit sand and crushed stone preparation.The thickness of each layer should be not less than 100 mm.Top rubble shed solution and after hardening arrange a horizontal waterproofing.After that, make a protective screed thickness of 50-100 mm and begin to knit a framework of reinforcement.First pour the foundation slab, and after its hardening set formwork and pour the walls of the underground part.The latest milestone is a device vertical waterproofing.

repair the foundation of the old wooden houses with their own hands

Getting this important work, it is necessary to know the basic principles of how to build the foundation for the house to be able to do simple calculations and perform all the technological and design requirements in the construction.The error in the design or poorly performed work can be costly.The cost of correcting them comparable to the cost of the support itself, which is about 10% of the total cost of building a house.

If the calculation mistakes were made or broken the technology works, it may be necessary to repair foundation of wooden houses. main defects that have to be corrected - cracks caused by deformation and violation of the waterproofing layer.

It's not the easiest job, but all the same to repair the foundation under the house with his own hands is possible.The first thing that needs to be done - to determine the root cause of defects.Without her resolve to solve the problem fail.Average embedding cracks or leaks would have only a temporary result.

deformation occurs or when progress soil or associated with the use of substandard materials and non-technology.When the soil is necessary to make progress strengthening the soil.This can be done by using sampling and the subsequent strengthening of the metal tongue and, if necessary, to concrete a certain area near the foundation, creating thus retaining wall.

Sometimes device basement floor house not fully take into account the load, considering that on the basis of a small building can be saved.For this reason, the cross section of the foundation is selected insufficient, which leads to cracks in the film or grillage.Out of the situation - lifting jacks homes, eliminating the defect and the creation of additional Laying nets to increase around the perimeter.