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By Admin | Repairs
08 May 2016

Each of us sooner or later faces the need to repair their homes.Today there is a buzzword as "renovation", but not everyone knows that before the end of it means.Different people have different approaches to the process of European-quality repair and selection of appropriate materials.Company NewStroy, providing a variety of services in the field of construction and repair, knows how to transform any room and make it to the maximum functional and comfortable.After renovation - it's not just the new premises pasting expensive wallpaper.Euro is the capital and reissuance correction of living space, turning ordinary walls in the optimal comfortable environment for landlords.

company's specialists know that when eurorepair be followed plain and harmony in every room.This will tell your guests about the refined aesthetic taste.Working in the repair and construction field for a long time, our company has performed a great number of orders for repair of apa

rtments, offices, stores, houses, residential and non-residential premises.And now, with full confidence we can say that we are capable of solving any problems.

Benefits renovated in modern apartments

renovation will help to solve at least three major problems:

  • reorganization of the premises;
  • correction slips building;
  • create a unique design.

Often, our apartments are inconvenient layout, and therefore creates an empty and totally filled the space.With the help of a competent restructuring can create a maximum of space, and with the right approach - studio apartment.

traditional for euro-repair procedures are and alignment surfaces, replacement of pipes and communications.The quality of construction of our apartments, especially in older homes, is hardly satisfactory.But with the help of European-quality repair can make the apartment more functional and really neat.A unique interior design will impress even the most demanding customers.

list of services in eurorepair

Renovated apartment includes:

  • budgeting;
  • drawing up a design project;
  • dismantling;
  • demolition of partitions and walls;
  • construction of new walls;
  • alignment of walls, ceilings and floors;
  • tiling;
  • decking flooring, painting or pasting the walls and ceilings;
  • construction of plasterboard structures and suspended ceilings;
  • installation of doors and windows;
  • installation electricians, plumbers;
  • installing plumbing fixtures;
  • software object building materials;
  • debris removal.

As you can see, the list is huge work and to cope with it alone is difficult.Contact the company NewStroy and trust our professionals renovated apartment.Call now or complete your application on our website, and tomorrow we will begin to upgrade your room.