Company NewStroy - a pledge of high-quality repair at a reasonable price!

By Admin | Repairs
07 May 2016

believed that the repair - a natural disaster, which is exhausting and requires a lot of time.But now NewStroy you will not only get a great result, but do not spend to repair their own time.Our company will assume all obligations and competently repair any room.More details can be found now on the site

Our company is qualitatively and in time will repair of offices, repair shops and the remaining office space.We guarantee reliability and durability make repairs.Our company offers the following services:

  1. Assembly and various dismantling;
  2. development of original design of the project;
  3. Professional redevelopment areas;
  4. works related to plumbing and piping;
  5. leveling floors, walls and ceilings;
  6. Fine finishing service space;
  7. cleaning and garbage disposal.

advantages of our company.

NewStroy - is an organization with extensive experience in the construction market.Choosing us, in return you get a number of advantages:

  • competent experts, who are
    not just doing their job and love it;
  • a wide range of services offered.NewStroy perform almost any kind of repair;
  • precise timing of tasks.Concluding a contract with our company, you can immediately see the timing of repairs for each stage;
  • quality materials.This is one of the most important moments throughout the construction process, good materials - a guarantee durable and convenient maintenance;
  • latest technology.Our staff are trained periodically attends trainings and seminars for the development of innovative techniques and settling of construction works;
  • quality equipment.In order to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere in the office, or any other offices, you should use only modern equipment.Company NewStroy has everything you need to quickly perform tasks.

To repair did not seem something terrible and impossible, it is necessary to apply to the reliable construction companies.Place a request for repair of offices, please visit, or contact one of the numbers the phone with our managers.They with great pleasure will answer all your questions and help you find the right kind of repair.Trusting its premises Company NewStroy, you get comfortable and modern office space for business success.