Building repairs and preparation for it

By Admin | Repairs
07 May 2016

Previously we had to change the current year wallpaper, paint and whitewashing ceilings floors, now renovated converted into an annual and not the traditional process, and the work that is performed again - thoroughly and for a long time, according to the rules and in compliance with the latest trendsfashion decoration and design.But any repairs require prior preparation and it is for this purpose initially it would be necessary to study the price list for carrying out demolition work.As for the dismantling, many decide to save it, not taking into account the fact that the qualitative performance of dismantling - a pledge upeha repair.

It would seem that what is needed in the dismantling repair?In fact, these words meant not what we used to think.Removing it is not just the demolition of a building or any structure that is associated only with the fact that something break.Dismantling is more, even the cleaning of the walls of its kind is the dismounting.

Demolition works are carried out with a view

to preparing rooms and surfaces for subsequent work.They may be in the demolition of any structures to replace them or, for instance, redesign if disassembled wall.The classification of these works is very complex and to differentiate between them on various grounds.There is important and the object of the dismantling, then, what it's made, how it is made, that it is required to do in the end.Cleaning the walls from old paint, wallpaper, plaster - a standard procedure during overhaul apartment, located in the far from the new building.The same goes for removing the floor and other surfaces, dismantling santehkabiny and various communications.Communication, in turn removed or to replace them in the future, or to be released, such as the wall for further analysis.

quality of the work done and future repair depends on how competently carried out preparatory and dismantling.How well cleaned and degreased surface of how to properly removed communication demolished some walls.Incidentally, the analysis of the walls, if you plan on re-planning, then there is need to take into account the fact that it requires the collection permits, or risk condemning chic repair to fail.In general, the most important in any work - it's a good attitude and a responsible approach to the implementation of all the works - the key to success, in other words.