Standard dimensions of the garage for the car and the technical plan of the garage

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07 May 2016

venturing on such an important step as the construction of the garage, you just need to plan everything carefully.Firstly, it is important that it have enough amply and comfortably in the other hand too large spaces - is unnecessary costs and construction materials and on its content in the future.Standard dimensions of the garage for 1 car - 4x6 meters, ie at the rate of one meter for the passage on the sides and ends, plus 1 meter in length in the workplace equipment.This room is sufficient for the maintenance of cars and quite economical to repair and heating in winter.But when the garage is planned to be used as a utility room or the proposed purchase of more cars, the size can be changed in a big way.

Planning garage: optimal size, height, width, size;a model project of the garage for two cars

plan to build a garage depends on the size of the car itself and the available area for construction.In any case, the internal space should be sufficient not only to the vehicle but also to the passage,

installation and storage racks necessary components.Agree, a little pleasant would happen if, after finishing the construction and decoration, you will find that dramatically opened the door, her risk to scratch the walls or shelves.

If you plan the next few yearsChange to a larger car, then the building must be planned taking into account its size.Today, one of the best, you could say spacious, garages for passenger cars can be called a size of 7x4 and 3 meters high.This is enough to keep and maintain any modern passenger car.

large garage makes sense to build only for special needs, for example, to use it as a workshop in which the equipment will be installed dimensional.Otherwise, it's just the extra costs of construction of the building and heating it in the future.

size garage for two cars must be at least equal to the width of two cars (in srednem1,7-2 meter) and have a minimum of passes 0.5 meters on each side.That is, this value should not be less than 4.5-5 meters.But any reasonable motorist knows that this is too little.Firstly, such a small margin of space will require a virtuoso parking, and secondly, do not remain free space.

construction garage plan: design, types, minimum dimensions and area construction standards

than personal convenience, a plan diagram of the garage must be tailored to suit its location.It is necessary to take into account the norms of fire safety and sanitary.According to the existing regulations garage of non-combustible materials should be located away from residential materials not less than 6 meters, and from oil - not less than 10 meters.If the car park is part of the personal dwelling house, the door between it and the premises must be fire resistant for at least 30 minutes.

requirements garages also regulate the obligatory presence of ventilationSpecial attention should be paid to this issue, or if the room is part of the adjacent house.Also in this case it is very important to pay attention to protection against noise.

minimum height can be 2.2 meters.But the person feels comfortable only if over the head at least 50 cm. It is therefore reasonable to expect the size of the garage with the highest member of the family.


What are the dimensions of the car?

Classification of machines around the mine.It is independent of the manufacturer.Passenger vehicle is considered to be the vehicle for transportation of 2-8 people, and its weight does not exceed 3.5 tons in Russia and the US - 3.904 m. In Germany, the models with a body "versatile" if the rear seats are removed, and the glass of the painted coverblack, then this car is recorded as a truck.Russia is using the European classification of the size of the machine.Class A: "compacts" the width of the car of the segment - 1600 mm, and the length - 3600 mm.The largest are considered vehicles F class.Their parameters are: length - from 4600 mm, width - 1700 mm.The main dimensions of a passenger car

What is the size of a standard garage, his lengthened?

buying a new vehicle, the owner could not help think about the storage location of the car.People living in the private sector, there is a possibility to build a garage in accordance with the dimensions of the machine, the growth of the host.In addition, if the building will be used as a workshop, you will need additional space to accommodate the equipment.

But the owners of transport, living in apartments, there is almost no choice.The standard size of a garage for 1 car in cooperatives unchanged - 3h6h2,4 m. It is calculated taking into account the length / width of a conventional passenger car, a man of medium height.For convenience, the dimensions of the vehicle added 0.5 m along the entire perimeter of the garage.This makes it easy to open the door / trunk / hood.Also, the length of the structure lay still 1m to install workbenches, shelving for tools / parts.Completion of the garage

What is the minimum and maximum width of a passenger car?

European classification:

Class Typical representatives Vehicle width mm Length mm
min max min max
A «Oka» 1600 3600
B « Tavria » 1500 1700 3600 3900
C « Zhiguli »1-15 models 1600 1750 3900 4400
D «Volga» 1700 1800 4400 4700
E BMW (5 Series) 1700 4600
F GAZ 13, 14 models 1700 4600

In addition to these species, there are a number of vehicles that do not fall under the classification - and off-road models with a body:

  • «coupe»;
  • «wagon»
  • «convertible».

Based on what the vehicle is acquired, calculated and width of the garage.Moreover, the minimum value of this value to accommodate a simple "light vehicles" - 3 m. Dimensions of the garage for one car

optimum height of the garage - what is it?

There are 2 variants of calculation:

  1. To calculate recommended to take the highest growth of the adult household member add to this figure of 0.5 m. And if there is a need to install a lifting device, such as hoists, you have to increase the height of the room.During the construction of individual garages value of this parameter - 3 m. This height is exactly suit everyone.But for the typical height of the construction is taken from 2.2 to 2.5 m.
  2. garage height depends on the model of the vehicle, which will be stored there.Given that the maximum value for cars up to 1.9 m, would be enough to add another 0.5 - 1.1 m, it was convenient to enter the open gate leaf, even when the height of the car increased an overhead luggage compartment.

Key interior dimensions of the garage

Garage for two cars - which should be the size?

If you want to build a space for parking and maintenance of two vehicles, take into account their dimensions - height / length / width, and must pass between them and the distance to the wall.The minimum value required to bypass a car- 0.5 m. Do not forget that to squeeze in a two-car garage newcomer can not afford.There is a likelihood of damage to the coating.Therefore, if possible, to increase the dimensions of the garage.Although there is a reasonable limit, because a large area, especially if it is an extension to the house, in need of increased heating costs.And the building itself, in this case, too much expensive.The project is a garage for two cars

The plan differs garage for 1 or more cars?

In modern society, a storage room for cars have not only performs the function of shelter, but also brings an element of jewelery design throughout the local area.Plan 1 car garage provides room and garage, space for storing tools, the second set of tires and spare parts.Depending on the needs of the family, it can be with the superstructure in which, there is a room and a bathroom.The scheme shall take into account the size of the premises of vehicles that will be stored there, t. E the minimum size of a garage for 1 car - 4x6 m. And if the family is not one, but 4 cars, then, of course, the plan must be drawn up taking into account their size andfor maintenance aisles.Drawing garage for several vehicles

What should be the design of the garage for 2 cars?

Any construction must comply with building and health standards.Garage for 2 cars is calculated based on the size of cars out there that are supposed to put.Its width corresponding to the sum of the quantities of vehicles to which is added at least 0.5 m to bypass each.At length, in addition to the parameters of cars and service area is laid further 1-2 meters for installation repair workbenches, shelving, storage locations bikes / scooters.The height of the garage is the owner of the growth, which was added by half a meter to 1 meter. High garage for two cars