How to build a garage of timber: wooden garage with his hands

By Admin | Building
06 May 2016

Construction of wooden garages can not be called a popular solution.First, a garage can not be considered a reliable protection against intruders, and secondly, it is not the most practical and durable, because the tree is afraid of fire and water.But if the garage is located on a plot with a wooden frame, this design will look most natural.Also, such a decision is justified for the garage, in cases where it is possible to inexpensively get the necessary materials.It is impossible not to note the advantages of the wooden garage:

  • quickly built;
  • well keep warm;
  • very nice look.

garage of timber with his own hands: how to build a wooden garage of laminated veneer lumber?

If you are puzzled by the question of how to make a wooden garage, then immediately want to note that there are several technologies.

garage made of logs.It is a ready frame, which can be purchased and collected in their area in a few days.A very fast and simple way to building and it looks like a fabulous Mansion.But such a mod

el is quite expensive.

A cheaper option - a garage of timber.It is a cheaper material, which is available in many regions.But construction will require some skill in carpentry.And the work will take a lot of time.However, it can be purchased ready-made kit.In this case, the material is prepared in the factory and accurately customize.As a result, after the assembly obtained perfectly smooth walls, the outside can be made "on a log."Projects garages of timber are quite diverse and trained professionals, everyone can choose the one that is suitable for its purposes.

most practical option - garage on a wooden frame.In this case, it is going to the "skeleton" of the building of durable timber, which is subsequently sheathed sheet materials.

One of the main advantages of the construction of the garage of the timber for any technology - speed of work.Firstly, a lightweight design that does not require major base.It can be installed on a pier foundation, installation of which, in the case of screw or concrete piles can be done during the day.Assemble wooden garage itself is also possible in a few days.Immediately after the assembly is ready for operation.And requires a minimum of decoration - it will be enough to protect the outer layer from the effects of weathering.

Building wooden garage: model projects and the frame of the garage timber

more flexible and versatile technology, when a wooden frame sheathed garage sheeting.In this case, it is going to a kind of skeleton from a bar 100x100 mm, which consists of a ground piping, struts, braces and the top trim.The remaining gaps closed with plywood, OSB-plates.

Quite often fill the void between the layers of insulation, the best material for this - mineral wool.This great building keeps the temperature in the room.The exterior walls can be finished with any mounted systems with an additional waterproofing.If desired, they can be putty or plaster.With this finish will significantly increase the fire safety of the building.

for roofing wooden garages better to choose lighter materials.They will not burden the entire structure and the work they are much more convenient.