How to cover the roof of the garage, and how to repair the roof of the garage with his hands

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06 May 2016

As with any building, garage can not do without a roof.It protects from rain, cold weather and intruders.Most common options - and gable Shed.The choice of design depends on personal preference and the location.The roof of the garage with his hands - a task quite difficult and time-consuming.If you decide to cover their avtokonyushnyu yourself, then you will need assistants and patience.Special requirements for materials not, you can use all kinds of modern roofing.It all depends on personal preference and budget, some adjustments and has a very design.

garage roof: single-pitch, gable, flat, soft, made of corrugated board;how to block and to raise the roof of the garage

most common design of the garage ceiling is still called pent roof.This is the only possible option for the adjacent buildings, and the easiest to detached.In this case, the beam simply supported by the walls of varying heights.For different materials and different climatic zones to be different slant.If we look at the most common

by far the roof, you should consider the following recommendations:

  • slope for metal should be at least 30 degrees;
  • for slate or Ondulina - 20-35 degrees;
  • for galvanized roofing - 18-30 degrees;
  • for corrugated board - more than 8 degrees;
  • soft roof - not less than 5 degrees.

Pent roof of the garage with his hands is quite simple to install.The walls are laid out according to the requirements of the slope, set the beam.They lay boards often vsploshnuyu as such most durable roof, and it is much easier to cover.Over wooden planks laid Roofing films - for waterproofing.Then he mounted directly roofing material.

Owners detached garage when deciding how to build a garage roof, are increasingly inclined to gable designs.They allow you to organize the additional space that can be used for storing tools and other items.The procedure for its installation is no different from any other.That is primarily set mauerlat, rafters.Made crate and covered the chosen material.The most simple design that requires a minimum of calculations - the roof, gable which is an isosceles triangle.

gable roof of the garage, there are examples of the photo in the article is more comfortable, home-style better fits into the landscape design of the site.

repair the roof of the garage: waterproofing and installation of roof, how to repair floors

Properly mounted design ensures not only a long operation, but also the simple repair of the roof of the garage.Usually first a roofing material wears it.For most of the roof in this case, simply replace the damaged section.

order to avoid more serious damage, you must correctly waterproofing.For it is necessary to use the device Roofing membranes that will not prevent retraction of a couple of rooms, but protection from external moisture.Its use protects against condensation on the ceiling and the garage from moisture.