How to build a garage with his hands: to build garage (pictured) with a shed, attic or hozblok

By Admin | Building
05 May 2016

Building garage provides secure car parking and increases its service life.Thus it is possible to carry out repair and maintenance work in a comfortable environment, storage of spare parts and tools.Today there are many different projects.Many motorists are not satisfied with standard solutions, and they resort to such an option, how to make the garage with his hands.

Earlier garage was to provide secure storage of the car, spare parts and other assets, today is becoming increasingly important its appearance.Especially when it comes to creating a closed parking in the suburban area.For those who are interested in projects beautiful garages, photos on our site will help to choose the most appropriate solution.

Building garage with his hands: capital projects of modern and modular garages

Those who build a garage with their own hands, are most commonly used for this metal, brick, concrete, different types of building blocks.Other construction materials are rarely used, although in recent years th

ere has been a tendency to use for this purpose durable plastics such as polycarbonate.For projects of wooden garages today often use laminated timber, logs and shield elements.

There are a large variety of garages.This can be a solid capital structure with painted utilities, and can be lightweight prefabricated structure.For walling capital structures using brickwork or prefabricated elements.However, no less popular frame structures of a metal rolled with a filling or conventional profiled sheet.Increasingly, there are garages for 2 or 3 cars, with an attic floor or roof.

possible and combined use of structural materials.For example, wooden boards mounted on a metal frame.And as a filling or decorative paneling permanent structures used PVC siding and other types of plastic wall panels.Quite often, motorists are used for the construction of metal.Garage of steel structures can be erected on its own in a short time and at relatively low cost.This makes such an attractive design solution for many car owners.

garage polycarbonate construction: how to quickly build a beautiful garage

Polycarbonate is used in construction recently.Its widespread use began about twenty years ago.However, due to its unique properties, it successfully pressed flat glass.And solid polycarbonate sheets used in the construction and capital garages and lightweight structures for parking vehicles.

Very often in the construction of the garage with his hands used polycarbonate skeleton circuit.Given the low proportion of plastic frame can be made of lightweight rolled steel or aluminum profiles.Today, modular designs are available ready-made assembly and installation, which does not take long.

This is one of the most practical options for arrangement of parking.Its advantages are a relatively low cost and the ability to mount it with his own hands for a short time.With the installation work can be handled in just a few hours.It does not require installation of foundations, as in the case of permanent structures.In many cases, you can do without the supply of utilities.