Tanks , wells and septic tanks to pit latrines : views , opinions , pumping and purification ;how to make a septic tank of cubic containers with their hands

By Admin | Sewerage
28 April 2016

main element of an autonomous sewer private house or villa is a septic tank.It is designed for the collection of household domestic wastewater.Some systems provide not only the storage but also the processing of waste into usable bio-fertilizers.Such containers are not one, but several cameras where processing takes place sequentially.The number of cameras depends on the technology used, and up to four.

Previously used for the construction of concrete, metal and brick.Today, more popular plastic containers under the septic tank.They have less weight, which is very convenient for installation, because it does not require the use of the crane.In addition, the cost of acquisition and installation cost is much cheaper than traditional materials.

Septic of cubic containers: plastic storage tank and filter drain well

villagers and vacationers who do not have centralized sewerage networks, using different in shape and volume of containers and tanks for septic tank.Basic requirements for these tanks - tig
htness and sufficient.On the one hand the amount should be such as not to use the services of sanitary workers too often.On the other hand it is necessary to take into account the performance of feces disposal plant.It is inappropriate to have a capacity in excess of more than 10-15% of the volume of wastewater is pumped vacuum trucks per trip.

as storage tanks can be seen cesspools, tanks, tanks, septic tank drainage wells for both.Sometimes device capacity is used and available materials, such as old tires.This further solves the problem of disposing of worn-out wheels of the car owners.Still popular vessel constructed or made of reinforced concrete and metal.Despite their higher cost, they are sturdy and durable.

But still more popular for plastic septic tank.In recent years, are increasingly using the so-called evrokuby - plastic containers, in the form of approaching the cube.There are several versions of cubic, volume from 950 to 1140 liters.The reason for the capacity of a wooden pallet and to provide additional rigidity to the set of cubic mesh welded galvanized pipes.When installing an underground reinforced concrete instead of doing pallet base.

cleaning cesspools and septic tanks: Pumping from tanks and intermediate bottoms of wells

septic tank cleaning technology depends on its type.The simplest type, which was mentioned earlier - storage.It is relatively inexpensive and does not require costly installation.However, over time the cost of its maintenance and the need for periodic pumping sewage make a substantial amount.A more advantageous to use the biological waste treatment by anaerobic bacteria in the manure.The simplest version, which implemented this method for processing waste - is bioseptik for cesspools.

There are also more complex installations allowing to obtain high-quality bio-fertilizer.But here it should be noted that the use of more sophisticated technology will require additional investment.It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of new technologies.Many gardeners opt for conventional septic cesspools, reviews which indicate that they perfectly fulfill their function, allowing both to save on the export of waste and getting good organic fertilizer.

However, not all lovers of country life are addicted to work in the garden or in the garden, and they do not make much sense to use the full processing cycle.Especially if the cottage or vacation home is not used for permanent residence, and for periodic weekend getaway.So better to set the hosts a simple and cheap system and regularly use the services of sanitary workers involved pumping septic tanks and cesspools.