How to hide the pipe in the bathroom

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
29 April 2016

luxurious bath can be the pride of any home.But, unfortunately, not every apartment boasts a large area of ​​the premises.However, you can make a beautiful finish and a small bathroom, moreover using some design techniques can visually enlarge the room.One of the main conditions for decorating small rooms - at least small parts.Even such seemingly mandatory details like wiring pipes, can significantly reduce the area visually.Besides, in most cases, the appearance of running water spoils the general type of finish.That is why today, many are trying to hide in the repair of the pipe in the bathroom.

Depending on the materials used can be several ways to disguise the pipeline:

  • below the level of sanitary and for furniture;
  • pad for falshstenami and boxes;
  • lining in cutting grooves in the concrete.

first option is the easiest to implement, but rarely give the desired effect.Despite the fact that most of the pipes can be hidden behind the bathroom, under the sink, still remain visible risers and som

e joints.It is best to use when redecorating and a metal pipe.

If, bath turnkey planned, it is necessary to consider the second and third methods.Visually, they hide the wiring completely, but each has its drawbacks.

So installation of decorative boxes and falshsten plasterboard, preserves access to the pipeline for repair, revision and reconstruction, but takes up valuable space.In addition, there may be problems with the installation of plumbing curtain and furniture.

method in which the walls of punch cutting grooves for laying pipes, allows you to save all the useful area and the strength of the walls.But in this case repair becomes extremely difficult, in fact it is sometimes impossible to immediately determine the location of the leak.That is why, in many apartment buildings hide the pipe in concrete walls is prohibited.But even in a private home, if you decide to lay pipes in cutting grooves, it is necessary to select the high quality material and pay special attention to the joints and locking elements.

In situations where there is no way to hide the wiring, designers offer to turn it into a decorative element finishing.Very original look of copper piping and interior retro and chrome in more modern ways.