Towel from ALLIANCE-DV

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
26 April 2016

want your home was comfortable, it has to be thought through every detail.This also applies to the bathroom.Installing indoor heated towel rails made of stainless steel, it will give the interior a finished look.The company «ALLIANCE-DV » is heated towel racks, which are designed for everything modern bathroom facilities.The site each user can choose the model that matches the style of your interior and budget.

Towel ALLIANCE-DV - an essential attribute of a modern bathroom.The company operates more than a year and offers the consumer quality products at affordable prices.The main function of the product - drying things, space heating, mold prevention, regulating the humidity level.The device is designed simply.It is a curved tube that is attached to the wall of the room and connected to the hot water and heating systems.

M-shaped water towel most functional model is an M-shaped water towel that have additional twists.The product comes with 2 shelves, and takes up little space in the room.They

are of high quality, reliability, a large number of sizes and models.

The simplest design towel warmer - a series of "P".These products are of 2 horizontal surfaces and are connected directly, which greatly facilitates their installation.

series "ladder" is designed for owners of apartments and houses, who care about comfort.Such models are the most practical and convenient.They consist of various shapes and sizes.Water heated towel rails are connected to the hot water and heating.The ends of the articles are processed in such a way that leakage in the threaded joints completely ruled out.

The website user can see photos of each model towel warmer with a detailed description and characteristics.Products are presented in different sizes and configurations, and choose the appropriate model will not be easy.

p Features

Towel - is made of stainless steel, which is used for space heating and drying.Since the products are continuously exposed to changes in temperature and humidity, they should meet the demands of strength and reliability.Towel dryers made of stainless steel combines functionality, elegant design, which contributes to their long service life.Each model is tested under water pressure.ALLIANCE-DV products preserve neat long period.