Installation of water meters

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
26 April 2016

produce water meter installation for several reasons.These include the significant savings of the family budget.Over the counter it is possible to control the amount of water consumed and save on payments.On average, one month possible to save 200-250 rubles.

Manufacturers offer various types of water meters.They are designed for individual use and installation in apartments.Equally popular obschedomovye collective metering devices, they control the water flow of a porch or home.


who installed water meter in Moscow

Professional installation of equipment accounting of water use is becoming urgent for the residents of Moscow.Services Installation of meters in the city has a number of specialized companies, including CF-Service.In this company, residents of Moscow becoming meters from different manufacturers, as well as ordering their installation.In the state of CF-Service have professional masters of high level, they are able to quickly and accurately set the water meter of any kind.

Installation of water meters from the company MB-Service includes exit the wizard, the installation of the device, it oplombirovku, registration of necessary documents.The installation kit contains the selected customer counter filter, connecting fittings with a check valve, and a package of necessary documents for EIRTS.In addition, the experts carry out further maintenance of water metering equipment, metrological verification.

Benefits MV Service

  • a0578299cf616848f1c0734a17d7429f Efficiency.Masters come to the day of receipt of the application.All work is carried out with respect to the installation quality.
  • high quality services for the installation and maintenance of domestic, imported water meters.In the state of CF-Service are only qualified, they are familiar with the peculiarities of the national assembly, foreign equipment.
  • use the modern technological solutions, new equipment.Employees regularly attend refresher courses.
  • wholesale and retail water meters.Available there is always a wide range of devices at a reasonable price.

Company BM-Service offers its customers fair prices and transparent pricing.The cost of a standard installation of the counter depends on the number of devices and from producer.Get introduced to the peculiarities of the company and prices Moscow residents are on the site.It also has information about discount offers, it will be interesting for both private and collective users.