Set the mixer with their hands in the sink , the sink and the bath on board : how to install the faucet in the bathroom and the kitchen ( video instruction )

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
25 April 2016

New, nice, ergonomic, and most importantly - the defective faucet not only pleasing to the eye and makes it pleasant to use but also helps prevent unnecessary expenses for "escaping" into the pipe water, and to avoid a lot of trouble as flooding the apartment.Current models are fairly simple to install.And in most cases, such a task is to install the faucet on the sink, can handle any handyman.The difficulty may cause only and non-standard models with complex electronic control.Work with this technique it is better to entrust the same person with the experience.But replace conventional mixer in the bathroom or in the kitchen may well be your own.

Set the mixer in the bathroom: how to put a ball valve on the acrylic bathtub?

Like any other task in the bathroom faucet installation begins with the preparation.When it comes to replacing equipment, it is first necessary to dismantle the old faucet.This will require:
  • pliers;
  • gas key number 2;
  • keys and possibly hexagons 8, 10 (for some models may need
    6 or 12);
  • Phillips and flathead screwdriver.

If the valve is very old, it can be useful household chemicals with the addition of acid (eg "Santry") to remove the salt deposit and rust.

When installing a new faucet, the most important thing - water hoses.For the wall model is convenient to use a special attachment to the eccentrics that allow you to gradually adjust the distance between the outlet of the hot and cold water (since different models it can vary) and firmly fixed in the wall.The height of the installation of the mixer in the bathroom of 85-90 cm above the finished floor and 20-25 centimeters from the edge of a sink or tub.There may be some deviations, for example in the shower cubicles are already provided tap hole, or there is a need to change the location for greater ease of use by different tenants.According to the established norms Cold water should be on the right and left hot in some modern models is an important point, and it is better to observe this rule.

Before you install the faucet in the bathroom, carefully read the instructions.It is specified in more detail the procedure for mounting.In most cases, it's best to first strengthen the body and is already "in place" to gather the mixer, but this rule is not true for all models.During assembly, carefully watch for the presence of seals and seal rings.To avoid scratching the outer cover, use a tool without teeth or use the pads of a softer material.Pulling the thread is important not to use excessive force because the item may burst.

After complete assembly of open water, and for a few minutes, check all joints for leaks.More clearly it will help you understand how you are installing in a bathroom faucet video instructions online.Surface models for sinks and sinks are set somewhat differently.

How to install a mixer in the kitchen: Mounting tap in the kitchen sink

Set the mixer in the kitchen, in the sink or directly to the bath has a different order of operations.In preparation for making a supply of water, leaving yields at 25-40 cm below the level of the intended site of attachment of the mixer.In this case, the distance between them does not matter, but too close tubes can obstruct installation.

Before you install the kitchen faucet or sink, it is necessary to collect.This will help the enclosed instructions.Pay special attention to the availability and integrity of the gaskets and seals.After assembly into the body of the mixer is screwed connections and flexible mounting pin.And also laid a rubber ring seal in a groove around the perimeter of the sole.

Flexible hoses and mounting pin is passed through the hole in the sink or sink.On the underside of the dressing pad and a metal bracket, resembling a crescent or a horseshoe, and attracted a nut.Tightening the fasteners must be ensured that the mixer was smooth and tight, but do not pull much as possible to break the geometry of the metal sinks or even crush earthenware.Then, without bending or twisting, flexible hoses connected to the water supply (not forgetting the gasket).The installation of the crane in the kitchen sink, or actually completed.It remains only to check the quality of work for leaks.