Mixer Wall and waybill : types, design and installation ;how to select and install the faucet to the sink in the bathroom?

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
23 April 2016

Bathroom, probably the most expensive room in the house for the costs of finishing and equipment.But these costs are far outweighed by the beauty and durability.Quality sanitary ware is decades.A modern design is simply amazing imagination and allows you to create the most incredible and futuristic interior.However, the presence of a rich assortment always entails the problem of choice.Which do you choose basin mixer with a shower or without arm or dvuhventilny?Each type has its own characteristics, but in most cases the choice depends on personal preference.

Sensor faucets for the sink in the bathroom;electronic, automatic, single lever, contactless

Today mixers substantially transformed not only outside but also inside.By the principle of operation can be divided into three types:
  • lever;
  • dvuhventilnye;
  • electronic.

most common and familiar - the second type.This direct "descendants" conventional mixer, which is used for many decades throughout the world.The model consists

of two cranes, each of which opens a cold or hot water.The opening mechanism can be ball or head parts of different models.Most of these mixers "retro" style, relatively inexpensive.

The second most popular, and can have the first - lever mixer.This model with a completely different principle.Opening them is accomplished by raising the arm and rotating the temperature adjustment of its left and right.The mechanism may be a ball or a ceramic cartridge.The first type is less common and is usually not cheap, but it is this plumbing is among the most reliable and durable.The second type of qualitative performance of works up to 10 years, with simple and inexpensive to repair.This mechanism has been the rapid spread due to its efficiency and ergonomics.For example, models such as the so-called ulnar basin mixer, used even in hospitals.The special shape of the lever allows you to control the water supply with a minimum contact with the technique, which is very important for surgeons, cooks and comfortable even at home.

most new species - an electronic basin mixer.Its possibilities are staggering.A striking example of modern "smart" technology.It may be a touch faucet Basin, which itself includes water, need only to bring her hands to him, and also includes various features economical water consumption and temperature control.Its main disadvantage is the dependence on the power supply and relatively high cost.

addition to the principle of operation of the mixer may differ and some features caused by the design of the model.So, quite popular faucets flexible shower and swivel spout that can be used as a bath and washbasin.High washbasin faucet will not only collect water in containers high, and likely to appeal to people more growth, for which the standard mounting height is inconvenient cranes.But such a model should be used only if there is a sufficiently large bowl sink, otherwise the water will spray out.

Virtually all modern cranes are equipped with an aerator that provides an orderly flow of water without air.But lately gaining popularity and more fuel-efficient cascade faucets for sinks, they spout faucet is designed so that it forms a broad stream, reminiscent of a waterfall.This engineering solution helps reduce water consumption without loss of comfort in operation.

Set mixer on the sink and wall tap: the differences and peculiarities of assembly

At all variety of valves devices, ways to install the faucet on the sink, to date, used two - on the wall and on the cup itself.The first is somewhat more complicated to install and in the preparation, as it requires a certain accuracy in the derivation of the pipes and install the compounds themselves.But he is reliable and durable.In addition, the walls of the mixer for the sink can be installed in a place where it is convenient and provides design project.

second type of fixing today is incredibly popular for prostate installation.In this case, the mixer is secured in the hole bowl sink and water supply by flexible or thin copper tubes.These cranes are very easy to install and replace and repair does not violate the wall decoration.