How to disassemble the mixer for bathroom and kitchen : assembly drawing faucet and single lever ball

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
21 April 2016

apartment is a water meter, the smallest leak can lead to high costs.Many consumers are eager to get rid of the water flow independently disassembled mixer.However, when looking at modern cranes is not immediately clear how to disassemble the tap in the bathroom or kitchen.Often, and instructions that comes with the crane does not contain information on the disassembly (in fact a manufacturer interested in the complete replacement of the crane, but not in its permanent fix).Our article will tell you how to disassemble a mixer in the kitchen or in the bathroom on their own.

Assembly drawing of the crane: cork, two-way, single-lever and ball

List of mixer disassembly operations will depend on the design features.To date, most often set design are:

  • dvuhventilnye crane - mixer with two valves, feed water.To remove the valve, unscrew the mounting bolts.The bolts holding the valves, usually under plastic caps denoting cold and hot water.The mixers of the type most common cause is
    a leak Wear rubber pads under the valves.If this faucet for the bathroom, between gates is another crane - cork, assembly drawing this design is usually always present in mixing instructions.Plug valve for switching the water on the showerhead.Regulation of pressure and temperature is carried out valves.The reason for a leak in the plug valve, often also wear a rubber gasket, which is easiest to cut from automobile or bicycle inner tube and replace worn out.
  • single lever faucet - the most common form of mixers.Not many people know how to parse single-lever mixer, but the principle of disassembly is simple - in the center of the valve body is the bolt that holds the lever.Typically, this bolt decorate blue-red lining designating water.After unscrewing the bolt is removed the lever clamping nut and then the sealing ring and the mechanism of distribution of water.Modern taps often a ball inside which mixes the two streams of water - hot and cold.More details can reflect the structure of the ball valve assembly drawing.

How to disassemble a ball valve in the bathroom, and single-lever kitchen mixer

Before you disassemble the kitchen faucet, you must be sure to cut off the water and drain the remaining water present in the mixer.Usually water shutoff valve is installed a two-way, an assembly drawing of the unit is easy to find on the pages of the World Wide Web.After termination of the water supply is carried out disassembling the mixer.All operations should be carried out carefully so as not to damage part of the mixer.After repair and disassembling should gather design optimal to have an assembly drawing, so as not to make a mistake to collect the crane properly.

Thus, we consider in more detail how to disassemble Ball faucet:

  • a screwdriver to remove the trim covering the screw and unscrew a bolt,
  • Remove the lever seal,
  • Remove the bolt holding the cartridge.Sometimes the top is not a bolt and a nut, you will need to unscrew the nut or wrench.
  • Remove the cartridge and check its condition in the presence of solid waste is its need to clear, with a crack - replace.
  • After replacing the cartridge assembly is performed in reverse order of disassembly.All parts subject to friction and close contact, lubricated with petroleum jelly or butter.Threaded connections are sealed special tape.

mixers equipped with ceramic cartridge, versed in the same way as ball, but the cartridge must be replaced (it is impossible to fix construction).

most common cause of failure is small dirty faucets and mechanical impurities contained in the water.To prolong the life of valves, install a strainer in the water inlet pipe water pipe in the house or apartment.