Touch washbasin in the bathroom and the sink in the kitchen is arranged as a non-contact infrared electronic sensor faucet?

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
21 April 2016

first electronic faucets appeared in public and industrial buildings.The developers solved the problem of preventing exposure in places where bathrooms enjoys many people.But soon I discovered that safer from the point of view of hygiene taps and mixers are able to significantly reduce water consumption.

This coincided with a general tendency to save resources and very soon touch faucets for sinks began to appear in apartments and private homes.Many zealous owners have adopted a novelty, and their costs to pay for the water became less.Of course, the automatic faucet a bit more complicated and it costs a bit more, but with the reduction of water consumption up to 30% of these costs are quickly recovered.

Automatic Faucet with photocell or motion sensor: the device and operation

The principle of non-contact mixer based on the fact that the approach to his hands or any objects automatically opens the solenoid valve and the water supply.Putting such a device, you can stop worrying about, did you reme
mber to turn off the tap.Furthermore, the locking mechanism is very reliable and eliminates even slight loss of water.After adjusting once the optimum temperature and water pressure can no longer take care of it.Simply go to the sink and you can take water treatments.Adjustment can occur as an ordinary mixers or programmed.

important part of an automatic sink faucet is a motion sensor that determines when to turn on or shut off the water.The first mixers were photocell sensors, they are used now.However, the lack of them - false positives.There were cases when the sensor is triggered electrical lighting or contact on the photocell sunlight.More reliable infrared and ultrasonic sensors that accurately determine when to apply or turn off the water.

There is another important aspect related to the power needed for the job.The danger of the current experience is not necessary, all equipment runs at a safe voltage adapter.Do not be afraid, and power outages, automatic faucets have a battery that provides autonomy of their work.

Sensor faucets for sinks and washbasins: where it is convenient to use the automatic faucet?

wants to warn owners of excessive traction to the new.Not always contactless sensor faucets justify spent money on it.In particular, for taking a bath or shower is a device will likely inconvenience than to help save water.Automatic control of the water supply is most effective at transient operation modes, such as washing, brushing teeth or washing dishes.

This explains the growing popularity of touch faucets for the kitchen.When washing dishes need to put in drying the washed plate, dial the sponge detergent.Constantly open and close a conventional mixer uncomfortable and ineffective, but when the work is done by an electronic assistant, the third of the water can be saved.If the bathroom sink for the bathroom and used a mixer, then the sink can be installed in the same valve with a non-contact switching.