Mixers for bath with shower and shower : types and design;how to install recessed shower mixer , wall-mounted , flush-mounted

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20 April 2016

shower and tub - main assistant when taking water treatments and care about the purity of the body.Especially often use a shower, as if bathing takes some time, for a quick rinse just a few minutes.Created several types of structures shower mixer.Relatively recently appeared shower mixer for concealed installation, which saves space.

There are other designs, such as a mixer for a summer cottage or a shower mixer with hygienic shower.Each of them have their own device, but overall is a mixture of water and feed with a comfortable temperature.

static mixer for bath and shower with a watering can and a single lever switch

main element that provides water - shower mixer.Its functions - is adjustable pressure and temperature of the water flow.But it is equally important to ensure the correct distribution of the water stream flowing from a shower head.Today, the various options available for a shower watering cans, from the simplest to the multi-mode.The design of the mixers is dependent on the complexi
ty of the device heads.For the most simple, single lever switching system is used, which supplies water to a faucet or a shower.Watering can be a fixed installation on rigidly fixed pipe or rod or mounted on flexible hose.

device mixer shower more complicated.Switching system allows for multiple modes of scattering water, including regulation.The cabins with whirlpool systems installed (such as Charcot's soul) used mixers with multiple switches.Previously, control of the temperature and the pressure was carried out by means of two valves, and today more popular ball mixers, where moving the arm in different directions, you can set the necessary parameters.

This type of mixer can operate in water supply to the faucet spout, and showerhead.In such a construction is used an additional changeover switch.Often these mixers are used for bath and washbasin.A similar change is possible through the use of a crane with a long spout and flexible shower hose.

Crane summer soul: the device and installation shower mixer with watering dacha

very popular and summer cottages for the soul.The most simple design - a barrel mounted on her watering can shower with a tap.Heating of water occurs naturally, and is carried out by gravity feed, through the installation of the barrel at a certain height.The disadvantage of this design is the inability to adjust the normal temperature, especially in cold weather, although in most cases their function performs a shower.

today are increasingly using cylinder with an attached tap and shower.Typically, the temperature is thermostatically controlled heater, so the crane is used only to regulate water pressure.Depending on the volume of consumption of hot water for shower use of such flow or water heater.Location

shower faucet shower stall to the villa is somewhat different from the place of installation of the mixer in a conventional bathroom.Most often the crane is installed at the top of the watering can.This simplifies installation and makes it easier to regulate the water flow.

Installation height for shower mixer and proper installation of the shower faucet

important options for the installation of the mixer with a shower is the height of its installation.This situation is set to the height of installation of the mixer and the height of the showerhead.Typically a mixer is mounted at a height of 0,9-1,4 m from the bottom floor or bathroom.and the height of watering chosen individually and depends on human growth.

Initially used for shower mixers stationary, where the supply of water for watering occurs on the fixed tube.Later, it began to be used to provide a flexible hose.Use shower made easy.To fix the bracket was used, but today is used more user-friendly design in the form of rod and movable clamp, and each family member can adjust the height of its growth by watering.

Most often install taps in the bathroom with a shower comes on the wall, although the installation and use on board a bathtub and on the floor.This is possible for bathrooms large area.In small apartments are not always able to find a place for outdoor installation.There are more frequent in-line mixer, which are added or removed at a time when not in use, allowing you to save a little space.

becoming increasingly popular showers for bathrooms.In small apartments, they are often set instead of baths, which allows to deliver even a washing machine.The larger apartments are becoming the stall additional equipment bathroom.Their faucet has a rather complex structure and is installed during assembly of showers in the factory.The task of a plumber or DIY, is reduced to a supply of hot and cold water and drain to the sewer connection.

more information on selecting and installing the mixer

Mixers what materials preferable?

bulk inexpensive mixers that we see on the shelves, made from a combination of zinc and aluminum.Fails they go pretty fast - there are leaks in the shell and in the mechanism of adjustment.Good mixing bath with a shower enclosure must be made of an alloy of copper and zinc or, alternatively, made of brass.And all the "filling" should be made of stainless steel.The price of such a structure may be "biting", but it is justified quality.

as topcoats preferably chromium.Also not bad characteristics has enamel coating, but it is quite fragile and from accidental impact it may become chipped.There are also designer taps with a shower, which is used in the decoration materials such as stone, wood, crystal and glass.But this is the exception rather in a broad sell such equipment does not meet.Installation of a mixer with a shower in the bathroom aboard

What better mixer, single lever or dvuhventilny?

dvuhventilnye shower mixer familiar to each of us.The design of it is simple and reliable, the internal adjustment mechanism water supply - Crane bush or ball.In addition to the reliability of the twin valve design has another advantage: it can repair any handyman.The disadvantages are the inconvenience of adjusting the temperature of the water.

lever system with a ball mechanism in our market appeared relatively recently.It is governed by a single lever, and the temperature and pressure of water.Such a mixer for the shower works best, as it adjusts quickly, and protruding from the wall parts to be smaller.But here's the repair can be difficult - not everyone is familiar with this type of design.
Mixer with single arm system for the bathroom

At what altitude are mounted above the bath taps and the shower?

general standards have mounting height specified in the SNIP, and the numbers are there:

  • sinks in the bathrooms - 200 mm over the side.
  • height of the mixer in the shower - 1200 mm above the finished floor and the bottom of the shower tray.
  • bath - located 800 mm above the finished floor.

However, these standards today can be considered obsolete and installation of mixers to produce at the height that is comfortable for you.For example, sometimes it is more convenient to wash his head right under the tap without using the shower head.In this case, the height of the mixer above the bath should be about 300 mm above the rail.
Set the mixer over the bath in the bathroom

What are faucets for watering?

mixers can be divided into several types:

  • «Tropical rain" - a large area of ​​a stationary head, with a plurality of nozzles.Installed as a wall or ceiling, is regulated only by the slope, turn left or right - optional.
  • aeration - design watering can is such that the water as it passes through the nozzle is saturated with oxygen.This allows you to partially get rid of chlorine, which is often filled with water.
  • Shower Lake Bath saving mode - the nozzle has a very small nozzles, and the water comes out of them under a lot of pressure, but to a lesser extent.
  • Backlit - shower mixer with watering of this type may include the functions listed above: aeration, saving mode, and so on. D.

Lake shower tap in the bathroom

on how complicated the installation wall fittings?

Set single and Double Wishbone recessed shower faucet is not much harder than normal.In fact, the main difference is in the preparation for installation: Grooves in the wall made not only for the pipes, but also for most of the mixer.On the surface, leaving only the controls, gander and shower head.If it is assumed that the shower hose will clean the wall, then it is organized more niche.

When installing shower mixer, concealed the most important - is to minimize the risk of leakage, since their removal would have to break the final finishing.If the installation is carried out in a concrete wall, no any additional security measures taken do not need.But if the work goes on falshstene plasterboard, then maybe it makes sense to fix the wall leakage sensor.Shower panel in the bathroom