Bidet mixer : wall , built-in, with a hose ;how to select and install the faucet to the shower for hygienic toilets and bidets

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
19 April 2016

increased attention to personal hygiene, of course, is not just fashion trends, but also for a normal life in the modern world.However, too frequent reception of the soul just as harmful as the neglect of cleanliness.That is why in many countries of Europe and Central Asia is very popular such plumbing as a bidet.In our model homes to establish the breadth of it is difficult, but you can always find a way, such as a sanitary mixer or cover with bidet functions.A variety of engineering solutions allow today to secure the most favorable conditions with a minimal investment.How can I solve the problem of personal hygiene in a small apartment, and this article will tell.

built-hygienic shower mixer and wall: the device and differences

course the widest range of features, convenience and reliability as well as ease of installation differ separate bidet.Today, they can be mounted and floor, are equipped with automatic control, allowing not only to adjust the water temperature, but the mode of operation.M
any of them are even equipped with a special hairdryer.But most ordinary bathrooms apartment bidet is simply not the place.

compact solution for small spaces manufacturers offer three areas:

  • toilet with bidet functions;
  • cover bidet;
  • hygienic shower.

first option refers to the most expensive, but also the best.In general, it is a regular toilet with integrated bidet mixer with a shower or not (in this case, set the built-nozzle or extendable spout - bidetka).Such models can be the easiest to manage, and equipped with a variety of functional equipment (lid-lift, ventilation, massage, drying).In appearance they do not differ from the usual toilet and can easily fit into any decor, but this is quite expensive plumbing fixtures.

Cheaper solution - cover bidet.In this case, all the "washroom" equipment built into the toilet seat.It is easy to connect and can also be equipped with a variety of automation.Such a bidet with mixer console solves most of the problems, but is not suitable for all models of sanitary ware.

But in our country has spread is a third solution - hygienic shower.This is a separate mixer for hygienic shower wall, which is mounted on a wall or in close proximity to the toilet or faucet, washbasin having a flexible hose with a watering can.

How to install hygienic shower with mixer or tap for bidet with their hands?

most cheap and easy to implement solution will be installed on the shell of a special bidet mixer with a hose.It does not require a separate liner and additional construction work.But it is suitable only for bathrooms where the sink is outside the toilet.Another disadvantage of this option - the water can be adjusted only at the mixer, and for this we need to go to the sink.Separate

hygienic shower requires a separate connection for hot and cold water.But it is suitable for all layouts and more convenient to use.Crane for hygienic shower is also installed as a conventional wall-mounted faucet for the bathroom, and usually does not cause difficulties.Some models have a special attachment, which does not allow to fix it on the wall, and directly to one side of the toilet bowl.