Dreams come true in the company, "New Line" - Italian furniture

By Admin | Furniture
12 May 2016

This can be achieved by using products "New Line".The Company conducts sale, advertises furniture from Italy in the Russian Federation since 1998.It has a large range of unique samples of luxury products in the showroom and warehouse.It creates the opportunity to buy all sorts of products: residential area, bedroom, dining room, living room, home theater, kitchen, office, bathroom, nursery, associated accessories - mattresses, a grandfather clock, a collection of porcelain, Murano glass, bronze. Designers - interior consultants help in matters of design as an elite, and the filling of furniture from world famous manufacturers.Open great opportunities for regular supply growing hotel sector.

Italian furniture wins East - European market, deliveries are made to customers in the vast expanses of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, in many settlements from provincial towns to the big cities.

Created in 2001, the company's website familiarization creates an opportunity to plunge into the world of diverse samp

les furniture individual and mass execution, meet on the introduction of new technologies, trends in the development of Italian furniture production, furniture to order personalized on the submitted designs.

Italian furniture

pursued a flexible pricing policy, accompanied by excellent workmanship, attracts various social strata of the population.Not least is the speed of order execution, a wide range of warehousing, logistics opportunities.Feature - quality execution of orders on time, in the shortest possible time, direct revenues from Italian furniture manufacturers fruitful influence on the price level, been tested, and training highly qualified management personnel and vendors.Hence - the deep knowledge of the quality of the goods offered, market monitoring, professional advice, warning, friendly attitude towards visitors and customers, quick decision-making on the supply of non-standard, new models furniture, opportunity to diversify purchase of the original Italian painting collections of Italian porcelain.The personnel policy is aimed at improving the professional and cultural level of employees, improvement of their production activities, creating conditions for a good rest.