The nozzle on the crane with illumination, rotary aerator and LEDs : What are the sensory and water-saving nozzles on taps ?

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
18 April 2016

Today faucet in the house was the subject of a full interior decoration and technology, provides enhanced comfort.It is not just a functional item, but almost a work of art.Every detail is important and has a perfect shape.And it is not an exaggeration.Confirmation of these words can be even a simple tap on the head.This almost imperceptible detail, which many consider a part of the decor, has a very important function.Virtually all modern faucet aerator feature that makes the water jet orderly and soft, but it's not all possible nondescript and invisible attachments.

faucet aerator and water saving nozzle on tap: device designation and operation

So, consider the nozzle on the faucet close.As standard, this is a simple aerator.It can always be unscrewed, rinsed mesh and other details.That is, besides the fact that it provides us with a smooth and soft jet, which is nice for throw up, it still works, and how the most simple mechanical filter cleaning and protects us from falling pieces of rust and s
cale in the food and drink.

In some models, you can see the swivel aerator mixer.This tool lets you change the direction a little spout of water from the spout, which makes mixing more functional.This crane is very compact, and the design does not spoil.

particular interest to many causes water-saving nozzle on the faucet.With increasing costs for utilities, it can be useful to everyone.Separately I want to note that this is not just an aerator reduces water consumption per unit of time, and makes it almost invisible to those who use it.The principle of operation is quite simple - is mixed more air than usual.Visually and feel the jet remains as strong and soft, but the water while "running away" less.Such a nozzle on the faucet can reduce water flow in two or more times.

luminous head on the faucet: what are the advantages of LED backlit mixers?

But the most famous and popular are the cranes light.It is charmingly beautiful.But the color nozzle on the faucet is also convenient.Many models are equipped with a sensitive sensor that changes color when lowering or raising the temperature of running water.Since it dropped the risk to burn your hands or come under icy jets in the shower.

LED nozzle on the faucet is very popular with the children, because each washing or cleaning of the teeth, it turns into magic.With such simple device to teach children to observe the rules of personal hygiene becomes a lot easier.

color lights on the water taps allow to wash your hands at night without having to switch on the upper color.And how it can transform the interior of the bathroom and kitchen, especially bright colors!After a soft glow in different colors instantly creates a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Also important is the fact that the crane illuminated works without any external power supply.Energy LED provides a small generator that works by running water.It can help out in such unpleasant things as power outages.Even if the whole house reigns pitch darkness, you can quite comfortably take a shower and wash your hands.