Repair mixing with your hands : how to fix the tap in the bathroom and the kitchen (video instruction for beginners master )

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
15 April 2016

It is that easy to operate and very short-lived worked mixer has failed.Many will, at least once in his life, saw a dripping faucet.And sometimes it is not just a drop, and constantly running stream.

Of course, this fact irritates the owners, and those who have installed water meters, and introduces more waste.How to be in this situation?Of course, you can buy a new mixer and replace the broken.However, cheaper just to repair the old one.Especially because the procedure is quite simple, it is only important to know the damage correction technology.

Repair of cranes: how to repair the mixer for bathroom and kitchen, ball and lever

distinguish single-lever faucets and faucet.Still there are sensory, elbow and thermostats.Each type has its own weaknesses and reasons for failure.

most versatile option that is best suited to the conditions of work with chlorinated waterIt is a ball valve.Its failure may be associated with forcing the annular edges or coloring rubber

gasket.Repair of the ball valve with your hands can perform even a woman, provided that she was acquainted with the technology and repair procedures.

As for repairing single-lever mixer tap, its failure may be due to the fact that the faulty cartridge.Replace it will not be difficult even to man, did not know anything about plumbing.

situation is more complicated with sensory products.In this case, better to turn to professionals, because it can damage the sensor directly.And it is unlikely to be self-correct.

faucet repair their own hands: a video on how to fix the faucet in the kitchen and in the bathroom

If you know how to fix the faucet in the bathroom, you can save money on buying new items or to pay for the work invited plumbing.Each owner is able to independently carry out repair faucet for the bathroom.

most easily to repair single-lever mixer.To do this well in advance to buy a new cartridge which is identical to that which is in your product.Getting a fix to the water shutoff.Then use a screwdriver to remove the cover, which fixes the faucet handle.After that, you must remove the lever, unscrew the locking screw (inbusovym key), unscrew the cap and decorative nuts.Follow these steps, take out the damaged cartridge.We change it to a new, and repeat in reverse all the actions that were performed before the removal of the cartridge.

somewhat longer and more complex to perform their own repairs ball faucet for the bathroom.Many people just by looking at a crane, will say to disassemble this structure is unlikely to succeed.But it is only at first glance.If you look closely, you can see on the handle hole where suitable Allen key.It is located under the cap on the pen.

necessary to turn the handle, the lock nut, it was she who holds the ball tightly with rod lever.The following is to get a ball gasket itself.After all you need to carefully examine.All parts defective, must be replaced with new ones.Also worth checking out rubber seals with springs.They are in three additional holes mixer.If necessary, it is important to replace them too.Other causes of this type of tap breakage there.Replace the pads need to collect the crane.This ball valve repair is completed.

How to repair the faucet in the bathroom, if it is combined with a shower?Often in this case, there are problems with the water in place Leaking switching shower spout or at the junction with the watering hose.Just cause may be worn hose.To replace the new hose is sufficient to unscrew the two union nuts and they disconnect from the watering cans and on tap.In its place a new hose is screwed.If it is necessary to replace the gasket, it is necessary to loosen the union nut.Beneath it, and is laying.Replace it all.If the actions taken do not help, you will likely have to buy a new mixer.

These steps are suitable for repair and mixer for the kitchen, because there are set the same valves as in the bathroom.

Dismantling the crane: how to remove the faucet in the kitchen and in the bathroom right?

Installing a new faucet always begins with the dismantling of the old products.How to remove the faucet in the bathroom to take his place immediately to put a new one?

course, each specific type of design has the features of dismantling.First you need to cut off the water.If this single-lever faucet on the sink or sink, then it is necessary to dismantle initially detached from the liner of water.For anchoring to the sink faucet is difficult to pin down.In this case, you may need dismantling of the siphon, or even the dismantling of washing.After this is done, unscrew the nut and take off the mixer.In its place, you can immediately put the new.

When removing faucets, wall-mounted, it's much easier.It is only necessary to unscrew the union nuts evenly, and then unscrew the decorative screens.And, you can put a new product.

details on selecting and repair of crane

Flowing tap in the kitchen, how to fix gate system?

Flow tap often leaks due to wear rubber seal.To resolve this problem, you must buy a repair kit.Further, the valve can be disassembled and repaired by the algorithm:

  • turn off the water, drain the remaining in the system;
  • pry decorative insert a screwdriver, it is above the propeller, which is mounted flywheel;
  • if the screw does not give in, you can drop a WD-40, solvent, brake fluid, remove the screw after the procedure, carefully remove the flywheel from the stem;
  • loosen the gland nut stem, remove it, then remove the stem - valve with rubber seal;
  • inspect the valve seat in the faucet, strip of deposits;
  • replace the rubber seal;
  • assemble the crane on the scheme in reverse order.

Bring water and, if necessary, tighten the gland seals.If the O-ring is ceramic, it is possible to replace the rubber, they are identical.A bathroom faucet design

How to repair kitchen faucet, if you need to change the axle box?

Before you renovate the kitchen faucet listen to the mixer, if the head parts are out of order, the mixer starts characteristic rumble.

In older models it is worm-type rubber cuff, more modern - with ceramic plates, it is more reliable and long life, but quickly breaks down if the water with an admixture of sandstone.

Lack parts with ceramic seal - the high cost and complex repairs, if damage is easier to replace boxes, than to pick her napkin.

Tell you gradually how to repair faucet in the kitchen:

  • Shut the water taps fully open, remove the plug.
  • a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw that secures the Bucs to dismantle the flywheel, it is sometimes necessary even remove the plastic retainer.
  • Unscrew journal box wrench, after loosening the counter-nut.
  • journal box Remove the old cartridge, clean fixtures, install a new one.
  • Collect valve in reverse order.

Bushes crane

What is most comfortable faucet for the bathroom?

Today recognized as the most comfortable lever system, but more recently they displace thermostatic and sensor mixers.Stylish design, reliability, security, improved comfort - these are the advantages of a new generation of models.

Thermostat is a panel with handles, one of which allows you to adjust the temperature, the other - on and off.Such models will protect against burns and accidental inclusion of cold water is the best option for the house where there are children, but a crane short nose.

Touch faucet in the bathroom has no levers or valves, the sensor is integrated into the body, thanks to him, the water is automatically activated when approaching the mixer man.Once the objects are removed, the crane is switched off.

But installing a model with his hands Repair faucet in the bathroom do not need to call plumbing, but will likely have to order the repair service.Touch tap for bath

How to choose a faucet into a small bathroom?

small bathroom, especially, should be ergonomic.In close proximity is a sink and toilet.In this case, it is advisable to stop at choosing a model with a shower swivel spout 300 mm, with this solution significantly reduces the cost of repairing faucet in the bathroom.It happens that because of the constant use of a rotary watering from under the cap nut starts to leak water, generally, the problem of the annular seal.To eliminate leaks enough to reel a few turns of thread or sanitary FUM tape, so you can cut the rubber gasket from the old camera.

Lately it has become fashionable to be installed in a small room shower panels, not just a watering can that has different modes of operation, but also with the function of filling the bath.Of course, such a model is much more comfortable than usual, but in the event of a breakdown independent repair faucet in the bathroom is not possible.Mixer with shower bath

Can I make repairs to the kitchen faucet, if it is made of composite materials?

Modern repair involves the use of innovative materials and in our kitchens appeared acrylic stone sinks and faucets to them and made of composite materials.

Usually such models are set single-lever system, and if you want to repair the mixer for the kitchen, it is executed by the same method as troubleshooting a conventional chrome faucet with a single lever, but with some elements of precaution.

Before disassemble mixing faucet in the kitchen, between the key and tap should lay a soft cloth, this will help avoid scratches.Next dismantled the lever and changing the old cartridge with a new, sometimes sufficient to replace the sealing ring, and then going to the mixer.Kitchen Faucets made of composite materials

What if the cartridge into the new ball valve and the water dripping?

Sometimes you need a small repair of ball valves, the hands can easily remove minor damage.Hexagons loosen the screw that holds the lever to remove it.Press the screwdriver in the recess of the threaded ring, if you can not be a little podstuchat hammer on a screwdriver.Turn the ring against the clock, but do not allow turning the whole crane.

How to disassemble a ball mixer:

  • pliers, remove the chrome-dome without damaging the 4-toothed ring.
  • Rate the condition of the seal, clean the rust.
  • Remove the ball check stopper - oblong hole, which is responsible for the prevention of critical rotating crane.Explore the ball, especially its lower part, the surface should be clean and smooth.If the ball is worn, replace it.
  • get inside the faucet and replace the seal spring.
  • Before the assembly process the seals non-toxic silicon grease.

Ball kitchen faucet

What you need to know the repair of single-lever mixer?

The question is how to make their own hands Repair single-lever mixer is very important, because it is the most sought after models of cranes.I must say that construction is not difficult, but before you disassemble the faucet lever, still should carefully consider the unit system:

  • body with holes for connecting water hoses and to secure the mounting plate if the tap for the sink.
  • lever;
  • spout;
  • cam and cam washer;
  • aerator;
  • ball cartridge;
  • valve seat;
  • spring;
  • seals.

Included must be connecting hoses with seals and mounting accessories.Please note that the ball has to be chrome-plated brass.You can check the magnet: if there is an attraction, then the iron ball and did not serve.Set mixer