Faucets and sinks for the kitchen: the variety and installation;how to choose a good faucet in the kitchen sink and secure it properly ?

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
14 April 2016

One of the key attributes of the kitchen - the kitchen sink faucet.It is needed for food preparation and dishwashing, and to restore the purity.But the mixer - it is not only a good helper, but also a decorative element to a certain extent shaped the style of the interior.

Design tap for kitchen sink can be made in a modern or retro style.But is not only the design of mixers, but also their construction, materials, installation location, the presence of additional elements, such as coatings and more.It is not easy to understand the variety and choose the most suitable for the kitchen faucet.

sink mixer: wall and mortise;valve and lever;with retractable hose

First you have to determine the place of installation.There are mortise, floor and wall-mounted faucet for washing.But the interior design is rarely used due to the fact that their installation is required to allocate some space on the floor, which is problematic for a small kitchen area.In addition, outdoor faucets are expensive, although they
have an unusual, stylish design.

for flush valves must be a hole in the sink faucet.A variation of this type of installation is to install on the countertop.If the findings of pipes are above the work surface, then use a wall mounting option.Installation into account the presence of additional elements.So faucet with pull-out spray or water filters are usually mounted on the surface of the sink or countertop.

Not long ago, for kitchen sinks use the classic valve-type cranes cork.Today is a big popular ball single-lever mixers.Their advantage - ergonomic, easy temperature control and water pressure.However, in their place is a new generation of sanitary equipment - contactless taps and mixers.They are more convenient to operate, and also can reduce water consumption up to 30%.But do not think that the gate valves completely lost their positions.In recent years it began to increase demand for vintage mixers, executed in a retro style.

mount faucet to the sink or the wall: how to install kitchen faucet with your hands?

But few make the right choice of equipment, one must know how to properly perform a mount faucet to the sink.Features of installation depends on the installation location.Wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the conclusions of water pipes are rigidly fixed to the wall or mounted on its surface.When installing using couplers and fittings.However, the distance between the terminal and pipe inlets of the mixer do not always coincide, so this installation using unions.Most often

installing faucet in the sink with a hole.This arrangement is more consistent with the crane standards of ergonomics, simplifies installation and does not require lining the walls of the pipes.Besides installing the tap at the sink or countertop does not occupy much space and does not interfere with cooking or washing dishes.When installing the sink or countertop mixer is inserted into the mounting hole and fix the bottom nut.Then connect the hot and cold water.When you connect using flexible hoses or copper tubes, which can give the necessary form.

make the connection, check the reliability and integrity of all connections.To do this, first a little open the valves on the risers, and make sure there are no leaks.After the valves open fully, but for some time to continue monitoring to detect and correct the problem.