The optimal choice of radiators for heating systems a country

By Admin | Heating
24 April 2016

Country houses, cottages, and summer houses need heating, which provide different types of heating systems.The main element of any such system is a boiler.They were there a great multitude, so that even their choice - is a very responsible task.If the boiler output is calculated incorrectly, the comfort temperature will be very difficult to maintain.And the type of boiler fuel type is also very important.For those who have the money is found, fit and diesel variant, the gas. And for those who wish to save money, you should pay attention to the solid model slow combustion.The heating system of a country house - is not only the installation of heating, but also a set of pipes through which coolant moves, as well as radiators, which heat the air in the room.If only we are not talking about a system that delivers on air once in a boiler heated air.

Since the radiator is responsible for warming the air in the room, you need to seriously come to his choice.There are several basic types of radiators:

  • Aluminum Metal
  • Bimetallic

Cast iron and aluminum models are used in the heating of country houses, which are aimed at maximum efficiency.The fact that aluminum has the highest heat transfer rates, and iron - the highest coefficient of thermal storage - most teploemok.Therefore, these radiators are the most effective, but expensive.However, in the case of aluminum, must be clearly monitor the pressure in the system, since if it exceeds the radiator may leak.

Metal radiators also not bad, but the ratio of the specific heat as heat, they have much lower.However, for small spaces, they fit perfectly, and can save a large sum of money.If heating systems cottages are designed for family medium well, the bimetallic radiators - perfect.Their price is somewhat higher than the average cost, but they combine the properties of aluminum and metal batteries simultaneously.This strength and high heat transfer coefficient.For heating of country houses with autonomous boilers is the best option.Regarding durability, the heating system in which a special heat transfer medium will serve much longer than those in which water is used as the processes of corrosion in the first case the additives are inhibited.