Types of heaters for household use

By Admin | Heating
23 April 2016

impossible to imagine modern life without modern appliances.For example, faskorez from Constar great help to cope with rough edges after the end of the pipe segments of a pipe cutter.As a result, the edge of the tube will be smooth and will be ready for further welding.Also a washing machine or microwave, without which it is almost impossible to wash any or quickly cook dinner.Water heaters are also firmly established in our lives, and now almost anyone can provide for themselves and their family with hot water during the repair and maintenance work on the CHP.What is the water heater and how to select it, so you do not have problems?

heater - it is a device with which water is heated.Water heaters are divided into two types: storage and instantaneous.Without such a desired device life of modern man is not very comfortable, not only in cities, but even in the villages and country towns.Very often, utilities shut off in our homes hot water for repair and maintenance work on the heating mains and CHP.Th

e best way out of this situation is to install a water heater at home.

From the moment the diversity and abundance of different brands, types and models of water heaters filled the our market.All have their advantages and disadvantages, and before you buy a water heater should be familiar with the characteristics of the required device.

heaters are of two types: closed and open device.

Open water heaters

open-water heaters hot water can supply only one point of water pumping.For example, the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom.A device attached to one place.Such a water heater is connected usually to a water pipe without the action of pressure and it is quite simple - when opening the tap hot-water tank is filled with cold water, since the density in cold water at less than the density of hot, it displaces the hot water to the faucet.

closed type water heaters are often equipped with parallel systems of cold water at home.This type of water heater is able to supply the whole house with hot water, ensuring all points of time in the same house: bathroom, kitchen, bathroom.The main difference between a closed type water heater is that it has a large water tank and the water pressure is stable.Flows of hot water moving in the tank at this pressure.Closed water heaters are equipped with the system is required to fuse devices can control the pressure and avoid excessive pressure in the tank.

flowing and memory

Electric water heaters are cumulative and flow.Therefore, users have the ability to choose what kind of water heater it is badly needed, and the most suitable.

Each modern heater has a security system designed to monitor the work of the pilot burner and proper circulation of water in the heat exchanger.If the burner goes out suddenly, it stopped using the gas valve with thermocouple.All water heaters scheme of the same - there are two components: a gas burner and a copper heat exchanger.The heat exchanger, heating, passes through a water.

performance depends on the properties of the water heater, which have a gas burner and heat exchanger.Power is a key indicator of the heater water.If the hot water supply plans a big house, you can not do without the pipe cutter for pipes in their work.Any diameter water pipe can be otrzany using this mechanism.He also will automatically chamfer.If the presence of multiple delivery points, the acquiring unit, better to stay on a more powerful cylinder.

Electric and gas water heaters

Electric water heater is able to maintain a certain temperature in the tank, which is an important aspect in the shower.It runs a water heater from the mains.The main advantage of such heaters is the rate at which they are heated water.But power from electric water heaters is less than the gas in two times.If the gas heater 150 heats liters of water per hour, then under the same conditions in the electrically heated halved.

have gas heater has one major drawback - for its valuable work required chimney, construction of which depends on the water heater combustion chamber.There are closed combustion chamber, and has open.Gas heater, which combustion chamber is open - is considered one of the most expensive water heaters.

Compare storage and instantaneous water heaters is quite difficult, as well as gas and electric.Each variety has its tangible advantages, each cylinder has its drawbacks, one can only express a statistical view that electric water heaters are in great demand due to the fact that the prices are more affordable.