How to choose a good radiators for private homes

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18 April 2016

For owners of private houses one of the most important is often the question of how to make the most efficient heating and how to select heaters.Homeowners turn to sellers in the stores, looking for information on the Internet.For example, how to select the radiators is described in detail on the site.We will look at the variety of radiators, their characteristics and the best manufacturers of these devices.

Types radiators

When buying heaters for private homes restrictions on their choice of a lot less than if they were intended for installation in an apartment with central heating.In a private house the working pressure autonomous heating system is much less than in high-rise buildings.So you can choose any of the following types of radiators on the market today:

Cast iron sectional - remain the most popular type of radiators, as the least responsive to the quality of the coolant (water).Are highly resistant to corrosion.The thick walls provide a good warm-up room.They serve more than 35 years

.Disadvantages - low reliability, not very attractive appearance.


Aluminium sectional - aesthetic, light, inexpensive, very reliable, with good heat dissipation.When repairing separate sections can be replaced.Lack-already 3 or 4 years they can score rust.When selecting these radiators need to know the composition of the coolant, as the aluminum can react with certain additives and then alkaline flow occurs.


Bimetallic sectional - combine the advantages of aluminum and steel radiators.Improved resistance to corrosion because of the inner layer is made of stainless steel.A high level of heat, can withstand a lot of pressure (30 atmospheres).They serve up to 20 years, providing better security of the heating system.


Steel panel - variety of different sizes, a large area of ​​heat transfer, thus providing a high heat output;during rapid heating cool down as quickly.

Steel tubular - attractive appearance;coolant (water) has a small volume, so they can quickly adjust the temperature;they are easy to clean;but they are quite expensive.


main producers of radiators

Which would mean radiators you may have preferred, the main thing - it is their reliability during operation.Therefore, equipment should be selected well-known brands with credibility in the market, giving a guarantee of quality and durability of products.

Consider some of the most well-known manufacturers of radiators:

  • Zehnder - a German company that manufactures radiators with modern, stylish, original design;products are distinguished by reliability, efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance;the main type of radiator - Steel Tubular.
  • Kermi - a company known for the quality of steel panel radiators, reliable, able to withstand pressures of up to 9 atm.and transients.Radiators different impeccable appearance, have a smooth glossy surface.Eco-friendly, do not emit harmful substances when heated.
  • Calidor - the company that produces aluminum radiators are the best adapted to the difficult Russian operating conditions.Easy, cost-effective and efficient appliances are characterized by high strength and durability.
  • Fondital - the most famous products of this brand are bimetallic radiators with modern appearance, good heat dissipation, high corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Regulus - low-inertia radiators, the company characterized by a combination of low internal volume and high values ​​of thermal power that allows you to quickly gain the required temperature.

Among domestic manufacturers that produce heaters that are not inferior in quality and appearance of the products imported, distinguished companies: Installation-RFP Rifar, of NITI "Progress" Plant Anchor.

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