How to choose a stove for baths and saunas

By Admin | Heating
17 April 2016

have their own bath-house - the dream of any Russian person.Build it in general is not difficult, but without a heart - the furnace for a bath, pleasure and health benefits from it is useless to expect.Previously, for the construction of the furnace invited a special master, but today it can be bought ready-made.Moreover, you can choose the appropriate model, and even the desired design.

Modern furnace manufacturers offer fireplaces for every taste.To date, the most popular oven made of brick and metal.Most consumers choose more compact metal model.Along with its convenient size and a large assortment of models, metal furnace has a more rapid heating.Within 30-40 minutes, the temperature in the sauna reaches the desired value.

choose the stove for a bath is with the approval of the project.To determine the model in the first place need to know the size of the steam room.From these data, it is possible to select suitable furnace dimensions and sufficient power.You need to know the area of ​​heated pre

mises and the desired temperature.So is it worth to determine the wet or dry steam is needed in the steam room.

Modern furnace for a bath can be operated on gas, electricity and solid fuels.Of course, the most convenient to use - the electric furnace.They do not require summing up the gas pipeline and firewood.However, such models have a very high energy, and it also should take into account when choosing.Solid fuel furnace for a bath the most economical and can live to please the logs crackling in the hearth.That is why they can be called the most popular in the domestic market.

Stones - a traditional heat transfer fluid for the Russian baths.It is filled with steam from them healthy hot steam.Modern furnaces can be both open and closed position for stones.The second type provides greater heat and thus higher temperature heating steam.But adjust the overall temperature in the room with the stove will be more difficult.

Besides all above listed important presence and location of the tank to heat the water.Many current models are equipped with a built-in or external hot-water tank.It may be black coated metal or stainless steel.The second type is more reliability and durability.

And of course, do not forget about the cost.The modern market offers models in a wide price range, from small models to the standard design options for a unique finish.