Diesel heat gun

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20 May 2016

Heat guns - is a powerful universal device that can simultaneously act as heating, drying process and in some cases ventilation.To date, some kinds of such equipment, including especially popular heat gun diesel .The use of this highly productive equipment is considered the most practical, efficient and economical way to heat the garage and industrial buildings, retail facilities, warehouses, parking lots, construction sites and other facilities. At the same time it is widely used in the domestic sphere, including greenhouses and homes, as well as during the whole spectrum of construction works, in particular for drying plaster walls, ceilings, concrete, etc.

Thermal diesel guns can be used as a primary or supplementary heating equipment.With its high performance and almost 100% efficiency, they can in just a few minutes to heat uniformly large area with a minimum of expended energy.Due to complete combustion of diesel soot devices do not provide.Advanced diesel guns equipped with gas tap developed.Th

e only limitation in their application - the room must be open or ventilated, in other words, should be provided constant access to fresh air.

principle of diesel systems similar to gas cannons.The only difference is that the fuel can be used as a conventional diesel fuel (diesel fuel), kerosene, or waste oil.This form provides fuel efficiency of diesel guns and their mobility, since the installation is not tied to a gas pipeline.In addition, the equipment sufficiently safe in operation.Some models, such as heat gun Kerona diesel for thermal protection are supplied with thermostats, which are responsible for the automatic on / off equipment when it reaches the set temperature and electronic control systems, fire (flame).Such devices are completely insensitive to temperature changes in the room and very reliable.

Thermal diesel guns can operate in a fully autonomous mode, and together with additional electric equipment.Also, similar to the gas system, they are divided into indirect and direct gun heating.For the convenience of transportation more often they are installed on mobile platforms.