Section of an apartment house in nature.

By Admin | Real Estate
01 May 2016

If necessary section of an apartment house between equity owners of the question of the share allocated to each (part) at home in nature.It should be noted that the desire of one of the parties to allocate their equity stake in the nature does not require the additional consent of the other parties share the common ownership of the property.

During the division of the common property of the court is guided by Article 252 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Ownership of the share of each party and the terms of this section shall be established by the common property in the courts, even if there is an agreement between the owners.This is due to the transition of general property of participants, which cease to have effect at the time of partition, the ownership of that kind - private shares for all participants.

In other words, a section of a residential home in nature provides few or disposal of the co-owners and the preservation of common ownership of the house of the remaining member or me


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was recovered share in kind is only possible if the house party shares can separate (isolate) at least one living room, without harming the general purpose of a house.

Court will take into account the equal rights of participants of common ownership of the house in proportion to the shares of each.The possibility to establish the facts or impossible to allocate a share in kind, and in case of failure, will provide owners the right to acquire equity ownership of monetary compensation.

Court also share in-kind non-residential premises and if necessary conversion facilities for the living room, in cases where not enough living space for a partition of its shares among all participants will determine the size of the cost of each cost for the conversion.

Expensive side of the issue distributed in proportion to the shares owned.

fraction was isolated in nature, must not lead to deterioration of the technical condition of the house, state of engineering systems and communications.

In order to achieve full compliance with the law, the court must assign peer review homeownership.

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points to the need to reflect in the examination certificate, along with a description of residential home ownership, as structural elements of the house that are not reflected in the data sheet of the Bureau of Technical Inventory.

right to monetary compensation instead of a share in kind is permissible only with the consent of the co-owner equity.