European businessmen buying real estate class "lux"

By Admin | Real Estate
28 April 2016

While new cars lose its relevance, the demand for luxury properties in the euro area experiencing an economic crisis, has increased dramatically.According to research online platform estate over the last year potential buyers from Greece, Spain and Italy, as well as Russia are showing increased interest in such investments.

While the primary demand for real estate "luxury" are residents of the UK (17%), the number of potential buyers from Greece increased by 8%.Thus, Greece has entered the 9th place among 10 regions where people are interested in luxury apartments.Demand also increased by 6% from the Russians, 5% - the Italians and 4% - by residents of Spain.

According to company president Silvio Pagliani, which means that wealthy people see in this operation, a reliable way to preserve your capital."It is assumed that the main demand comes from countries where a lot of entrepreneurs have a greater net worth.These are the people of Luxembourg and Switzerland.However, the analysis als

o showed that the growing interest of businessmen from the regions in crisis.Statistics is that citizens invest in luxury properties, relying on a safe shelter for their money "- he explained.

Interestingly, according to the analysis that the inhabitants of the Middle East do not participate in it.But after studying the statistics, Annales concluded that wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen buying real estate through an agency, many of which are located in London.This explains such a great demand for real estate UK.

In addition, there have been changes in the countries exhibiting luxury properties for sale.In countries with more or less stable economy the number of luxury villas, mansions and castles remained the same or decreased.In countries ravaged by the crisis - on the contrary, there is a significant increase in supply.

Annales prepared ranking of countries by the number of proposed real estate.In fourth place is France, the number of real estate is 12% of the total number of proposals in all countries.UK ranks third (13%), Italy - the second (14%).And the United States tops the list: it sold most of real estate - 15% of the total number of proposals in all countries, and these proportions have not changed over the last year.

Not surprisingly, the US dominates, because America is the leader in many ways, including the sale of cars of its own production.The world-renowned Ford Focus hatchback named the most sold in the world by the results of 2012.