Real estate near Moscow: looking for a house without intermediaries

By Admin | Real Estate
28 April 2016

Increasingly, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants of real estate in the Moscow region are trying to find each other directly, without intermediaries, despite the fact that real estate agents become more and scope of their activities is actively expanding.However, even taking into account a wide range of realtor companies, buy, sell and rent without intermediaries does not lose their positions.

justified risk

And it's not that help professionals become unclaimed, simply in most cases - quite expensive.For example, if necessary, to quickly sell the property in the Moscow region in every other agency will be happy to offer urgent purchase for about 4/5 of the actual value of the property.

That is - a fairly high tariff for services - is the reason that more and more owners are engaged in the sale of secondary real estate on their own.As well as putting it into rentals.Even knowing all the risks and related issues (duration of the process, the opportunity to encounter fraudsters, various docume

nts and bureaucratic difficulties, etc.) Many prefer to save.Moreover, that is not so difficult to find willing to buy or rent an apartment in any price category and the level (from economy class to luxury).

rent without intermediaries

Due to increased demand to hand over housing is becoming more profitable.Tenants find any property, whether Stalin on the edge, business-class apartment or townhouse in the suburbs.Before you start looking for wanting owner must decide what interests him more: the stability or periodic high income.And based on his decision to take shelter for the long term or for rent.

In the first case, many of the owners of square meters attracts a constant profit without too much hassle.It is much easier once to find a decent tenant to sign a treaty with them and just get regular amount due.Rent is time-consuming - the constant search for tenants, apartments screenings, signing of the contract, the transfer of the keys, the reception of the apartment.And this procedure is repeated with each new tenant.But the revenues are much higher than the long-term delivery of real estate lease.

sale without intermediaries

To sell a house yourself, you must first determine its value.No need to rely on wishful, you must come from real prices for apartments in the Moscow region or in a specific area of ​​the city.This takes into account each factor: location, environment, proximity to the subway, parking, shop, school / kindergarten, transport connection.It should also be impartial assessment of the actual real estate - storeys (if it is - an apartment in high-rise) or a portion (if - the house in the Moscow region), general condition, quadrature, extras.And, of course, be sure you have all the documents.

After that should be addressed advertising.Do not neglect anything: message boards, social networks, newspapers, word of mouth, flyers at bus stops and so on. D. The literacy will be drawn up ads - briefly but succinctly - the greater the possibility of interest to those to whom it is addressed.The same rules apply to surrender apartments for rent.

selling real estate, you can use the secret of experienced Realtors: to announce the provisional cost of housing by 20 percent lower than the actual.But, of course, not to give square meters at this price, and wishing to form a circle.As a result, purchasers themselves organize something like an auction, and the property goes beyond the real value.This is - a fairly effective method, but only if the terms are not running out.