Structural plaster : Photo and drawing their own hands ;seamless texture looks like plaster , and out of it to create paintings and bas-reliefs

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28 April 2016

Decorative plaster has long been used for both internal and external decoration.There are many different technologies allows us to achieve certain effects.One way to simulate the application using plaster texture of wood, natural stone and other materials.Most often plastered surface is embossed, though there are options with a smooth finish when the simulation is provided by a multi-layer texture.

At first glance it may seem that perform a finishing alone will not be particularly difficult.Indeed, in this case there is no need for careful alignment.And yet, there are nuances related to applying the plaster block.In addition to the skills and needs a special tool, and in some cases, and accessories, which can be used to create complex relief compositions.

Decorative relief plaster: Photo of beautiful walls using textured

For the manufacture of complex options embossed finish invite experts, but with a simple application methods textured plaster can be managed independently.Deposition of structural
plaster with your hands begin to surface preparation.This method does not require careful pre-alignment and putty.The surface must be cleaned of dirt and dust, and covered with primer and then proceed to the spray mixture.

textured plaster can be used for any room, but most often it is used for finishing the kitchen, hallway, living room.There are interesting solutions to its use for the bedroom, nursery, office.But in this case it is used in combination with other finishing material as a decorative insert.This use allows you to animate the interior, make it more interesting.

addition the use of relief plaster surface to reduce noise due to the increased absorption of the surface.With appropriate treatment, increases the water-repellent properties of the surface, structural plaster used for finishing bathroom

use of additives in the composition of the plaster to simulate a variety of finishes.Most often these supplements are plant fibers and wood, natural stones, mica.Each additive facilitates the simulation of a certain kind of natural material.

Relief picture of the bas-reliefs in plaster and modern interior

With structural plaster for the walls and create a more sophisticated finishes, creating with it relief pictures.This method of decoration is one of the most complex and requires not only building the skills and talent of the artist.Using the plasticity of plaster on the finished surface paint pictures with a lot of different elements.Very interesting look compositions that use separately molded by volume elements that give a special flavor composition.The originality of this bas-reliefs

gives not only the texture of plaster and painting.When monochrome solution uses different shades and undertones, making bas-relief image more saturated.Use for finishing 2-3 colors makes the composition more interesting, and color design allows to create real masterpieces of interior design.Of course, the technique is quite complicated, but the effort justified by the results.