Metal profile for fence: metal fences for cottages and homes

By Admin | Structures
28 April 2016

around the house or suburban area secure fencing - it is one of the essential steps for improvement and organization of the required degree of safety.One of the most common materials for filling a metal corrugated sheet.With it you can create not only effective, but also quite a nice fence.

Metal profiles for sampling has a number of advantages that make it very popular among consumers.This is primarily a strength which is ensured by the presence of ribs formed of the configuration profile.The sheet has a sturdy galvanized, plastic or powder coating, which creates a reliable protection against corrosion and gives it durability.It is worth noting the ease and speed of installation and relatively low cost.

Production of metal fences (photo);iron, modular, sectional fences with his hands

There are several variants of the fence of metal structures: solid, sectional and modular.Each design has its advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed below.Common for all designs is attractive appear
ance.You can see the different designs of fences of metal sheets (photo) and choose the best option for the protection of its suburban area.

most common are solid fences from metal profile.They are set in a certain order the pillars on which there are two series of runs for fastening metal profile.Profiled attached so that the edge of one sheet overlaps the subsequent.This creates a solid fence around the perimeter.A special feature of this design is that it is easier and faster to do all by yourself, but it gets more consumption of profiled sheet.

Metal fences Sectional consist of prefabricated sections which are mounted on fixed poles.Setting time of the sampling is less than a solid, and is used to manufacture it a little less material.However, it takes time for the manufacture of sections, or purchase ready.

modular fences metal similar to the sectional, with the only difference being that the module is not only to fill out the section, but also supports.Installing such a fencing takes the least time in comparison with other designs, but it still requires much labor for manufacturing the modules.

How to make a fence of metal sheets: a device assembly and installation of a metal fence

to begin construction of the fence, it is necessary to make a drawing or sketch of the future plant.It is useful also to calculate the amount and cost of materials and construction of the stage.The enclosure must be within the site, the distance from the fence to the house should be at least 3 meters.It is regulated by building codes (SNIP).The same document states that the height of the fence between the neighboring sites should not exceed 1.5 meters.

work begins with marking and installation of supports, which will be mounted on a fence of metal sheets.The height of the superstructure of the support is generally from 1.8 to 3 meters.The ground support must go to ½ the height of the aerial part.For example, at the height of the aerial part of 1.8 m, the bottom part of the support should be 0.9 m and a total length of 2.7 m. The depth of the holes for the installation of the support should be 100-150 cm more.Its base is filled with gravel to this height that prevents the sediment support.For greater strength recommended shedding rubble solution.Support fixed, tamping into the voids between it and the pit of sand and gravel.

at establishing secure the support of two rows of metal girders.Most commonly, the support is made of metal pipe.To install the pipe runs to mount the brackets.The connection runs with brackets can be bolted or welded.After purlins secured and which is mounted on the profile for the fence.Fastening profile to purlins made galvanized screws that twist into the cavity of the profile.