Metal Garage: Garage of metal sheets, corrugated or trapezoidal sheet with his hands

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04 May 2016

for the construction of the garage using different construction materials: wood, brick, concrete.Very popular structures erected metal.Garages from metal have a lot of advantages, and so were so widespread.Among these advantages may be noted the relatively small costs of construction, fast turnaround time.

should be noted that many motorists have the necessary skills, tools and equipment necessary for construction.No problems with materials, today you can buy any metal.In recent years, it is particularly popular garage construction of corrugated board, and other metal products are also often used for this purpose.

Garages prefabricated metal (collapsible): how to build an iron garage his hands

Increasingly, motorists opt for prefabricated structures.Garage metal assembly is convenient because when installing do not require crane or other special equipment.Such work is not difficult to perform alone, without resorting to the services of professional builders.This further reduces costs and makes su

ch an option arrangement parking personal vehicle even more affordable.Another important advantage of collapsible structures is the ability to move the operational structure, and therefore its use everything for temporary parking, or in cases where the term is supposed to transfer the place of installation.

construction of such facilities is quite simple: a metal frame and filling sheet rentalor profnasitilom.Assembling is carried out in large modules and individual parts.All components are fixed to each other by bolts.A prerequisite installation of prefabricated metal garage with his hands is a site preparation and foundation.

Given the small weight of the assembly can be mounted on the foundation blocks, bricks, crushed rock or concreted area.If during assembly between the metal structures and the substrate gap is obtained, then, depending on the size, it is embedded with foam, solution or laying bricks.

How to make a garage of corrugated and welded frame: drawing a metal garage, assembly and installation

In recent years, construction has become widespread and profiled sheet flooring as walling.Steel sheet has a more attractive and modern look compared to conventional sheet products.Due to the curved shape of the profile, the material has a higher hardness with a comparatively small metal thicknesses.Thanks to this garage made of profiled sheet, not only looks better, but is lighter and has more stability and strength.

Before you build a garage of corrugated board, it is necessary to think about itdesign, make a drawing or sketch.It is useful at the stage of material procurement, and during construction.First, the frame count.Standard sizes of such structures typically 5x3 meters.These dimensions allow you to set the car and perform work on its maintenance.At the same time there is some uneasiness, and if the size of the site and allow the financial capabilities, then it is better to make a larger structure.The height must not be less than 2-2.2 meters.

frame is a box, assembled from a corner or a channel.Depending on the cross-section rolled every 1.2-1.5 meters need to install intermediate uprights.For the filling, you can use an ordinary sheet or profiled.If possible, it is necessary to give at least a small slope of the roof, it will provide rainwater and facilitate snow melt.Gates can be hinged or lifting.For more safety when designing the gate must be provided clips.

metal garage in questions and answers

metal garage with his hands: it is long?

Although the turnaround time for each individual and depends on many subjective factors, we can assume the minimum time it takes to collect the metal garage with his hands.If you have prepared the site, the manufacture of the frame and the final assembly, you can not spend more than two days.However, if the assembly is performed by two specialists who have good skills in working with metal structures, construction can be completed and 1 day.Professional work with Decking-on this video:

Reliability garage of metal sheets

often hear the opinion that such construction of the garage is not very reliable.Of course, with modern equipment attacker, it can penetrate into any space.But any option, whether the garage of metal sheets or other material is for the offender first obstacle stopping due to the fact that the illegal entry - is in itself an offense for which the punishment should be severe.Practice shows that the presence of even minor obstacles, significantly increases the safety of the vehicle.Garages that are easy to build your own, serve as a reliable protection for your car.

drawing metal garage: begin construction

In order to assemble their own garage, enough to get acquainted with one of his schemes, which are very much in catalogs and books, or you can create your own drawing of a metal garage.Planning the construction of the profile is quite simple, the main thing here, the right to observe all dimensions, and your project will be implemented!
But many motorists can easily cope with the construction of a metal garage using a simple calculation without the aid of the drawings, since a standard size metal structures and all the elements that greatly facilitates the process of design and build.
A simple circuit metal garage, which shows the main components of the framework.

How to insulate a garage made of corrugated board?

insulated garage of corrugated board is very simple.It suffices to attach the inner surfaces of the layer of mineral or glass wool.This can be done with a mounting (bilateral) tape.To give a more aesthetic appearance insulating layer can hide the top steel sheets or other available materials.If warming should not forget the need for a machine room and provide ventilation.
Insulating material attached to the frame by means of a garage aluminum profile.

How to make a garage, having spent a minimum amount of money?

guide on how to build a garage at a minimal cost comes down to two rules.The first - to make site preparation, make the frame of the garage and then to make the final assembly on their own, without the involvement of paid professionals.The second - the use of cost-effective materials.A suitable choice - to do a garage made of profiled sheet.Value for money - the quality of such structures optimally.Also, you can save a good idea if the garage is attached to the side wall of this (neighboring) buildings, as the material on one wall is no longer necessary.
Driving garage of corrugated board, which can be constructed with their own hands is very inexpensive.

In some cases, there is no need to register or legalize collapsible garages?

legalization does not need construction not related to permanent structures, such as prefabricated garage made of profiled sheet, if it is installed without a foundation.Just do not need any permits, if the construction is on land leased by the State for non-commercial use, as well on the ground garden or dacha cooperative.No need to register and auxiliary buildings, which are built on land that is already in private ownership.This is the garage you can see in the photo.
Collapsible structure that is similar to a garage, does not require additional clearance.