The specifics of the production of wooden windows with double-glazed

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29 April 2016

Each of us needs only quality products.Sometimes, we are willing to spend money, but that's always desirable to financial expenses were as justified.This is especially true for those cases where the purchase is made with the expectation of not one decade, and longer, which often is a length of our lives.In order to make the most profitable acquisition.It should be at least a little to understand how to have affairs with those or other parameters.Therefore, all those who are going to buy a window construction, offer to get acquainted with the production of wooden windows.


in this segment of the goods, in other matters, as in any other, this does not happen to the production of wooden windows and doors was done in a chaotic manner.There are special rules and parameters that the real experts simply can not be neglected.We read them and you.In no case can not be blind to the factors responsible for the degree of resistance:

  • on the transmission of heat, it must be equal to 0.5 M 20 C /
  • on the transmission of air, its parameters do not normally exceed the figure of 2.56 M2 hour daPa / kg.

Noise under optimal conditions should not exceed 34 dB.

What make?

Window (wooden) Fiberglass carried out in Belarus and in other foreign countries.It should be noted that the Belarusian window constructions are reliable and of high quality.Among the materials used: wood, plastic and laminated veneer lumber (priority three-layer).Natural materials have always been price.And this case is not a some exceptions.Wood products will cost you more often.A more economical will purchase the product of laminated veneer lumber.Businesses vouch for the duration of its operation.The durability of such materials provides a special structure of the fibers in its structure.Due to this, it is more resistant to external stimuli.Variable in temperature or humidity, which is especially difficult given the natural wood, especially in uneven and poor coating paint tool.

Production of wooden windows with double-glazed requires taking into account the many nuances.At this initial stage, the manufacturer needs to lay a solid foundation, which will be the base for the further implementation of the installation and decorative works.Buy any item, you get acquainted with the specifics of its composition, the possible parameters or find some other nuances, perhaps in shops.

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