Module buildings metallic , wooden , modular , RV : photos and drawings ;as do construction trailers , cabins ?

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02 May 2016

main purpose is to ensure the cabins construction workers temporary housing directly at the facility.They are made according to standard designs that are ready to provide any firm manufacturer.

Construction cabins goods can be a wonderful outlet, if you buy a new budget does not allow stuffy.This is often practiced when using them instead of cottages.Quality construction trailer perfectly insulated, which means that it is economically advantageous to heat in the winter.The material used for the manufacture of wood, metal or modular units.In order to ease transportation may be provided wheels.

Sheds, construction site: a photo of beautiful cabins made of wood and metal

construction trailer Use cases are quite diverse.He can speak to the superintendent's office, housing for seasonal workers, checkpoint guards or summer vacation home.Most cabins wooden building equipped with a shower or other sanitary facilities.

Usually cabins are made of wood or metal.The first option is ideal

for use in any climate, even with the risk of seismic activity, and the second are low cost and, therefore, accessibility.Another argument in favor of wooden cabins is its convenient transportation.To carry the carriage can be with a conventional truck and building cabins on wheels and more convenient to move by land.

Internal device will depend solely on the necessary planning.It is possible to install even cabins on each other in several floors.But it is necessary to take care of the stairs between them and the water system, complete with sewage disposal.

Low weight Module buildings is provided by the metal frame and durable materials used in the manufacture.The walls inside are insulated with mineral wool, and the roof is made of galvanized sheets.

Module buildings with their hands: the size and weight of construction

's Online often discussed the question of building their own cabins.It is recommended to use a container that will be installed on land razrovnenny advance.Inside it is possible to fully equip their own taste, but be sure to insulate the outside of the glass wool.

Drawings site hut can be easily found on the Internet.Planning includes from one to three bedrooms with additional accommodation kitchen and a bathroom.If you need to get the facilities of mobility, it is necessary to do one room and lack of amenities.For such purposes the same container, but at the end of the work it is set on the coupling frame.

Build caravans cabins, the size of which shall be imposing made of wood.They are more complex in the manufacture, but will delight you with its low cost.The main thing to calculate the ratio of the size and weight to a house in the end turned out to be transportable.Capacity of the car is three to five tons.Weighing standard cabins 2.5 tons, is quite acceptable.